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Sword Art Online: Alicization | E13 through E16: Finally, some good stuff.

There’s a method to my madness here. Something I noticed early on with Sword Art Online: Alicization was that it seems as though every other episode is a setup episode followed by one of SAO’s signature fight sequences. It may not actually be every other episode is a fight scene, but it definitely feels like that’s the case. So I decided to binge from episode thirteen to episode sixteen due to how each episode is structured.

The two most recent episodes in sixteen and fifteen end in the middle of action sequences and as someone who likes fluidity with regards to how an episode plays out. The one thing I dislike the most is when one fight scene isn’t concluded within the episode it starts in. Especially with regards to episodes fifteen and sixteen. We see Kirito fight Sir Fanatio in E15, but the fight itself isn’t really concluded until the beginning of 16. Likewise with the battle against Alice. It starts during the latter half of episode sixteen, but it doesn’t conclude within the episode. Instead, I assume it’ll conclude at the beginning of episode seventeen. This breaking up of action across two episodes especially when the scene itself is more or less a one and done deal, is something I dislike quite a bit.

Like why would you break up an ongoing fight scene? To me that doesn’t make any sense, especially when they’re excecptionally animated which is the case with all three fight scenes we see Kirito jump into. Sword Art Online I think is known for its OP character in Kirito, but also because of how well animated each fight scene is, from beginning to end. Speaking across all the SAO seasons I’ve watched, Sword Art Online: Alicization is one of the best animated. I could maybe put Ordinal Scale above Alicization simply because the Floor 100 Aincrad Boss fight was just above and beyond epic. I don’t think anything will ever come close to topping that. But yeah, I don’t understand the logic in splitting up the fight scenes.

Something else I noticed over my binge watch was the difference in thinking between Eugene and Kirito. You can definitely see them start to split seperately in terms of how they think. Ever since entering the tower, Eugene seems to have a darkness within him. For example, there were moments where Eugene’s anger and frustration with the Intergrity Knights brought him to the point of wanting to execute both Sir Fanatio and the Crimson Knight for all the pain and suffering they have caused. Even though he knew full well that it was the Administrator who was pulling the strings. Furthermore, despite knowing that these knights were just like him, a human, but had their memories ripped from them by the Administrator, Eugene still raised his sword in anger against them. Then you have Kirito on the otherhand, who is the more logical one of the bunch. Having lived through all this before plenty of times already. He knows these knights are not to blame, as they cannot think freely since they’re under the control of the Administrator. Long story short, Kirito is more sympathetic towards them.

This fundemental shift in thought between the two protagonists has been extremely interesting. It seem as though the higher they climb the tower, the more that anger and his thirst for vengance fuels Eugene. While for Kirito it’s quite the opposite, he’s more worried about freeing everyone from the control of the Administrator. Kirito wants to free the Knights, and all the Fluctlights in this virtual world from the laws of the Codex.

Since episode sixteen ended off with Alice and Kirito being thrown out the side of the Cardinal Tower, with Eugene being stuck inside. I wonder what will happen to Eugene but also to Alice, since I know that Alice effectively joins Kirito’s harem in the latter seasons. I’m sure he’ll work his magic on her and show Alice that the real enemy is the Administrator. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how the final eight or so episodes play out.

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