Sakugan | Episode 4: A Day under House Arrest.

Not going to lie, I’m not sure why Memenpu and Gagumber are (basically) under house arrest in this colony they find themselves in. You would think that this Bureau guy would offer more information as to who he is and his role in this Bureau. All we really know from what this Bureau guy has told us is that the labyrinth is highly regulated. Apart from that small piece of information, this person is very mysterious.

But anyway, what I do like is that each colony is not the same. Like the one where Memenpu and Gagumber are originally from is different from the one, they’re currently in. Their previous home didn’t have the colosseum or other structures or foods native to Italy. Knowing that whatever colony the father-daughter duo goes to will always be different is nice.

Anyway, let’s discuss something else. It seems like all Memenpu and Gagumber do is attract trouble, they seem to make things harder for themselves without even knowing it. For example, Memenpu trying to find the fastest way to their destination required the father to save the daughter first and foremost, then resulting in them digging down until they escaped the monsters that were chasing after them. Then we have Gagumber who, while his daughter went about the colony trying out all the different foods. Gagumber is there, chilling in a bar hitting on every girl he sees. To be honest, watching him get rejected over and over again was pretty funny that was until the one person who didn’t reject Gagumber’s advances was wanted by the mafia of the colony.

Which in hindsight should have raised some alarm bells because the lady (Zacrettu) who didn’t reject Gagumber’s advances knew what she was doing and was egging him on. Zacrettu used Gagumber’s desires against him and that is a boss move if I do say so myself.

Seeing Memenpu and Gagumber witness this new colony as individuals under house arrest was surprisingly entertaining. There is never a dull moment, there was always something happening. Whether that be the duo exploring or running away from bad guys. Episode four had a little bit of everything and that’s something I did enjoy quite a bit.



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