Takt Op. Destiny | E4: The Plot Thickens.

Episode four of Takt Op. Destiny was fascinating. It’s also a shame that this is where we part ways with a character that has really grown on me. Lenny has been one of my favourite characters. I love his personality, how he dresses and how he teases Takt. He’s also a very casual and insanely good teacher. I will admit that watching Lenny teach Takt how to command Cosette while also being attacked by a D2 at the same time was such a boss thing to do.

Another reason I loved Lenny as a character was because of all the little hints and information he dropped during his screen time. For example, during episode four, Lenny mentioned how “…everything seemed planned”. Then immediately after Lenny felt as though everything felt planned, he mentions He mentions Boston and “Maestro”.

In episode five, he mentions how one of the main contributors to this Los Vegas type casino was only made possible by government grants, by the families employed at the farm that funded this underground casino and by a musician from the Symphonica. Who pulled the strings behind the scenes to allow this Casino to even take place. This gives the impression that while members of the Symphonica are supposed to keep the peace and protect people from the D2, evil deeds are being done behind the scenes. This really interests me and now that Lenny has hold of all the financial records of where the funding came from to support the underground Casino. This also means that Lenny’s mission will be to track down all these people including the musician from the Symphonica who has been supporting this Casino behind the scenes.

All this makes me question the Symphonica in New York, which we know is the final destination for Takt and company. If for example, there are Symphonica members actively supporting or participating in these devilish acts (Conductors who have gone rogue), then is going to the New York Symphonica a good thing? Especially when you have an extremely powerful and raw superweapon in Cosette running around? If the Symphonica is meant to ‘tune’ Musicarts, but there are also individuals of the Symphonica who have ulterior motives. Maybe bringing Cosette to New York to be tuned could actually be one of the worst things to do. But then why would Lenny suggest to Takt and Anna that they bring Cosette there to be tuned? I think these are all valid questions that will eventually be answered as time goes on.

All-in-all, episode four could be one of those episodes where I read too much in between the lines and come up with these insane theories that may or may not be true. But I think the’s the fun of watching anime. Episode four has presented me with a lot more puzzle pieces with plenty of great action to complement. Overall, I really liked episode four because this ‘arc’ if you’d like to call it that felt very much like I was watching a prequel within an ongoing anime. We saw the before, to the present, and now, we’re going to be watching the future unfold and that’s exciting. I’m genuinely excited about what is to come.



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