Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi | Episode Four: You need that one fever episode.

There always has to be at least one fever episode where both of the protagonists decide it’s time to have a fever. The first half of the episode was Igarashi, the latter half was Takeda and the filler or middle part of the episode was geared towards Igarashi helping Takeda buy his first-ever smartphone.

So how did I find episode four? To be honest, I thought it was probably one of the weaker episodes I’ve watched so far. It’s probably also due to the fact that I’ve seen many of these ‘flu’ episodes where the main protagonists go to each other’s homes to take care of one another. The reaction of Igarashi throughout the whole episode wasn’t really something I found all that entertaining because it’s a reaction I associate with your typical ‘flu’ episode. Takeda’s reaction I thought was a lot better and more entertaining because his reason for being sick wasn’t something you’d typically expect. The reason why Takeda got a fever was that part of his Judo training was to stand underneath a waterfall.

Like that isn’t something you’d typically expect from a character, but then again, with Takeda, he seems like one of those gentle giants that do over-the-top things. Things that may seem crazy to normal, regular-sized people but is completely normal for someone of his size.

I can safely say that Takeda is what made this episode worthwhile because it if weren’t for him explaining the reason why he got sick in the first place, or his inability to use a smartphone (which by the way looks like a small chocolate bar in his hands). I do not think episode four would have been all that great. I also think that the supporting cast not being as involved as in previous episodes played a role in that as well. Episode four was definitely one of those episodes that I thought was lacking something.

Maybe the flu scenes should have played out a little more different because it definitely felt like something I’ve experienced before. I mean, we had Igarashi chop Takeda in the back of the head, which I thought was pretty funny but the episode as a whole didn’t really feel complete. In that regard, I am a little disappointed with episode four.



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