Banished from the Hero’s Party | E4 and E5: It feels like something is missing.

The more I watch Banished from the Hero’s Party, the less enthusiastic I become. Maybe it’s the premise of anime, but something about it isn’t really clicking with me anymore. Watching two characters live their lives normally in a fantasy world, just isn’t really doing it for me. What stuck out like a sore thumb while watching both episodes four and five was that there just wasn’t anything that grabbed hold and kept me entertained throughout the episodes.

Furthermore, watching Red and Rit’s relationship develop isn’t really something that interests me, I will be honest. Especially when they make it extremely obvious. It doesn’t feel like there’s any real development that happens, it’s more like the anime is saying “So these two characters will start living together and they’ll fall for each other, the end”. You guys will always know that character development is what attracts me the most, it’s what I find most entertaining. However, I do not think that Red and Rit’s relationship has any of that. You can make the argument that yes, there is a little bit of relationship building but it’s negligible and can actually be discredited.

What’s even more annoying is that the person that I find most interesting barely gets any screentime and that is Red’s sister, Ruti.

Despite having the Divine Blessing of ‘the Hero’, despite being somewhat emotionless and being ruthless as a result. Ruti has a major brother complex for Red. Ruti already saw through Ares’s lies and knew that he was the one who drove her brother away from her and the party. Despite being a merciless killing machine on the battlefield, Ruti knew that she could always fall back on her brother because Ruti knew that Red would always support and forgive her regardless of what happened. Regardless of whatever people thought of Ruti, she knew that the only person who really mattered was Red and she misses him being there by her side.

I want to see more of Ruti. I want to learn more about her, I want to see more flashbacks back to when Red was still in the Hero’s Party. Maybe it’s my thirst to see some action in a fantasy anime, but seeing Ruti slaughter those orcs and blast a hole in the side of Ares after he lied to her was just badass. I want to see more of that. Now, will I get my wish? I don’t know but I hope I do.

Overall, episodes four and five were definitely weak episodes. In terms of entertainment value, I’d rate both a low six out of ten. However, I’ve definitely seen better and I’ve also expected better.