Takt Op. Destiny | E5: Shady characters inbound.

This Schindler character, the so-called “chief commander of “New York Symphonica” seems to be a very shady character for what it’s worth. He seems to be highly interested in Cosette and Takt, but Cosette is the primary focus as she’s the superweapon for obvious reasons.

Just with how he speaks and how his Musicart interacts with the other characters it seems as though they’re definitely the antagonists of the anime, working behind the scenes. Maybe Schindler is one of the Conductors that Lenny is looking into based on the corruption we saw in the last episode, which would make total sense to me. Schindler feels like Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay, in that they both have a god complex. We don’t know how strong of a Conductor Schindler is but since he has the title of “Chief Commander” I assume he is quite powerful, I can definitely see him being the final boss of the anime.

Furthermore, this crystal that was on the train being transported looks pretty shady too. While it’s mentioned that it’s being transported for ‘research’ we don’t know what this research is. So to me (under the assumption that Schindler is bad), maybe this crystal has something to do with controlling the D2. Which would make sense because throughout the episode the train kept getting attacked by the D2, who seemed very deadset on not letting the crystal reach its destination.

I expect to see more of Schindler and his Musicart named “Hell”, I also think we’ll see more of Walkure, the Musicart without a Conductor more too. She’s very much an unknown because she isn’t bound to anyone and it seems as though Schindler only used her as a tool to protect this crystal before telling her “I have no use for you anymore” once they reach their destination. I wonder what happened to her Conductor if Walkure had one that is.

Who would have thought getting to New York would be so hard. We’ve already encountered a lot of different characters. Two Conductors seem to have two different motives. Lenny seems to be a good guy, while Schindler seems to be a bad guy. So maybe the New York Symphonica consists of two factions, one for peace and the other for personal gain. At the head of this Symphonica, the Grand Maestro could be oblivious to what is happening within New York Symphonica.

Seems like things are really shaping up. I’m looking forward to what’s next.