86 2nd Season | E5: The Battle Begins.

Is it me or is Shin starting to enjoy the horrors of war?

Like if that’s the face you see while they are going around killing. Personally, I’d be pretty freaked out, it’s almost like Shin is enjoying killing the Legion. It’s like what happened to Frederica’s knight Kiriya, eventually, he went insane and it seems as though the same thing is happening to Shin. Slowly, he is eventually losing his sanity, his sense of morality the more he fights on the battlefield. Without someone there to keep him in check, (as shown by Frederica’s desperate attempts) Shin too will eventually find himself facing the same fate as Kiriya, Frederica’s fallen knight.

What episode five taught me was that even though the Legion is considered to be ‘defeated’ these countries that have fought against them for years are still vastly underprepared to take on the horde of Legion mechs. For example, the Federal Republic of Giad only mobilized because Shin held its top-ranking military personnel at gunpoint demanding that the military mobilize before the Legion attacks. Then we have the Republic of San Mongolia, who are victims of the propaganda and ignorance they find themselves in. As the alarms go off indicating that the Republic is about to be attacked, no one does a thing, except for Lena. However, even then she faced opposition from her Uncle who seemed confined to the fact that they were all going to die and wanted to see Lena’s dream crumble before her.

What kind of Uncle is that? Wishing to see your ‘niece’s’ dream crumble before her. The very man who actively contributed to the Republic’s superiority complex. Actively feeding the lie that there have been no casualties, that no enemy (the Legion) will ever touch the republic’s citizens because of its ‘state of the art military’. Has now had a change of heart and is more than willing to see the death of the country he served under. To me, that sounds very much like treason against the state. I think out of all the countries that are now being attacked by the horde of Legion mechs, the San Republic will come off the worst and suffer the most simply because of how incompetent and dismissive everyone is has been regarding the Legion. At this point, I think the San Republic is about to get what it deserves for what they’ve done to the eighty-six and for the lies the state fed to its citizens.

Genuinely, I’m excited to see what happens next, I think the upcoming fight for survival will be extremely interesting and epic.



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