Takt Op. Destiny | First Impressions: Favourite Anime of the Season.

The United States of America has been in chaos ever since the emergence of D2s, an invasive species originating from a black meteorite that fell to Earth. A public decree banned citizens from playing any melodies, to prevent further casualties caused by the D2s’ hatred for music—even now, in 2047, this prohibition is still in effect. Humanity’s only form of defense against the D2s are Musicarts, young women representing pieces of classical music; and Conductors, the ones controlling them.

Takt Asahina, an aloof piano prodigy, finds himself transformed into a Conductor following a spontaneous D2 attack. The same incident kills Anna Schneider’s younger sister, Cosette, and brings Takt into contact with his Musicart, Destiny. Searching for a means of stabilizing the pact between themselves, Takt and Destiny—alongside Anna—embark on a perilous journey to the Symphonica Headquarters in New York City.

Takt is in a hurry to reach the city so that he can play the piano again, even though his passion attracts the creatures he has come to despise. Meanwhile, Destiny’s sense of duty drags the group into trouble along the way. With a D2-infested path and many more arduous obstacles ahead of them, will the trio make it to New York City in one piece?

Takt Op. Destiny has been an extremely fun and interesting anime. There was something about the anime that really pulled me towards it. I saw the trailer and all the promotional material for the show and I immediately thought to myself “Yep, this is one I’ll be watching”. So much to say, as that title would indicate, Takt Op. Destiny is probably my favourite of the season (as of me currently writing). Can you imagine a world without music? A world where whenever music is played, whether that be for a mere second, a horde of monsters known as the D2 come and attack. A world without music is a world that I don’t ever want to experience because music plays a big role in my life.

That’s what drew me towards Takt Op. Destiny we are in a world that I cannot imagine and the only way to save this world is through a Conductor and Musicart, whose goal is to exterminate the D2 through battle. Similar to an orchestra where the conductor controls everything relating to how the orchestra plays its music. Instead of guiding through music, these Conductors guide their Musicarts throughout the battle. I love most about these fight scenes because while the battle is going on, it’s always accompanied by the sounds of an orchestra playing as the battle rages on. There’s something about this that I really love.

Not to mention that Takt Op. Destiny is produced by Madhouse, and MAPPA. So you’re bound to have top-of-the-line storytelling, characters and animations. It’s safe to say that going into the first episode of Takt Op. Destiny, I had high expectations. When you are an anime produced by a collaboration of two major studios you always expect something great and the first episode didn’t disappoint. Every episode I’ve watched hasn’t disappointed me either.

Each episode has been action-packed and eventful. Whether that be watching Cosette outright destroy the D2 or watching what could be viewed as hints be dropped throughout each episode alluding to what really is behind the D2 attacks and invasion. There have been epic moments, sad moments (like what happened to Cosette), and others fill each episode with emotion. It’s safe to say that each episode didn’t feel boring or uninteresting because something was always happening.

Our trio of characters in, Takt, Cosette and Anna aren’t boring characters either. I find them all extremely interesting. They’ve all experienced heartbreak but they have also experienced several highs and pretty entertaining moments together. You could make the argument that Takt Op. Destiny is also an adventure anime because the trio is travelling cross-country to New York, to have Takt’s Musicart (Cosette) tuned so that Cosette could stop eating away at Takt’s life force whenever they fight for long periods. While Anna is travelling to support them and to see if the New York Symphonica can help Cosette regain the memories taken away from her before becoming a Musicart.

All-in-all, Takt Op. Destiny has been a great anime and has definitely left a good first impression on me. The story is interesting and pulled me towards this anime. Its characters are not only well-drawn and animated but are all very likeable in their own ways. The overall art design and direction are outstanding, which is should be when the studios are Madhouse, and MAPPA. I think Takt Op. Destiny has everything to be one of those great anime.