Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi | Episode Five: Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kazama’s jealousy is something I find most amusing about this episode. As is typical with all valentine’s day episodes, there’s always bound to be that one misunderstanding that ruins a character’s mood throughout the episode until it’s cleared up at the end. This was the case for Kazama. Standing outside of a convenience store, he coincidentally saw Sakurai walking with a male character. Assuming the worst, Kazama’s Valentine’s day then was ruined because he thought that the person walking with Sakurai was a ‘love interest’, but was actually her younger brother walking on top of a brick retaining wall to be on the same height as her.

While everyone in the office was out and about giving chocolates to one another. There was Kazama absolutely distraught because of what he saw the previous day. Watching him walk around as if his soul had left his body was very funny to me. It wasn’t a reaction I expected and since Kazama is someone who is very laid back and relaxed, seeing him ‘express’ himself by doing things completely out of the ordinary. For example, letting a printer continuously print to the point where the paper was falling off the side onto the floor, or by standing in front of the vending machines continuously ordering the same drink over and over again — was very funny.

Episode five was good in that it was an episode primarily for Sakurai and Kazama. I loved their little moment together in the stairwell, it was honestly too cute. I’m someone who lives shipping people who I think would work very well together and this Sakurai and Kazama ship is one that I will be supporting. I find it very cute that they’re always at the back of each other’s minds, it always makes for incredibly wholesome moments between the two and is a nice compliment to Igarashi and Takeda.

Igarashi and Takeda, have that loud, almost exciting relationship because you never know what’ll happen between the two. They are very unpredictable. Then you have Sakurai and Kazama whose relationship is the exact opposite, they are quiet and shy, but you know what’s going to happen because they make their feelings for one another clear and genuine. Even if they are not a couple, you can tell by their interactions and such that the feelings they share are mutual.

For what it’s worth, episode five was better than episode four. Give me more Kazama and Sakuari and I’ll be a very happy individual. 7/10.



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