86 2nd Season | E6: Forever known as the Eighty-Six.

Wow would you look at that the country that saved the San Republic’s Eighty-Six in the form of Shin and company are now willing to do what the San Republic has done with them and throw them back into the fire. On a suicide mission known as the “Spearhead” where Shin and company will most likely meet the same fate as in the previous season.

I think this goes to show that nothing good lasts forever. Being known as the monsters of the “San Republic” is enough. It makes it seem as though the Federal Republic and the San Republic are alike in many of ways. They were both countries that provided a home to the Eighty-Six, however, when push comes to shove, especially for the good of their country. Both Republics are more than willing to twist this “We’ve given you a home, so, therefore, you will fight for us” and use the Eighty-Six on missions they wouldn’t put their own people on.

I’m not surprised, however, because you could tell that there was tension between the Eighty-Six and the rest of the Federal Republic’s military in the previous episodes. Similar to the San Republic, its military personnel viewed the Eighty-Six as undesirables and in this most recent episode, Federal Republic views the Eighty-Six as monsters of the Republic. This means while they provided Shin and company with a home, none of them really felt like the Eighty-Six were actually citizens of the country. Once an Eighty-Six always an Eighty-Six, no matter what country you go to, that’ll always be how you’re thought of. This point is really hammered home when the Commander of the Federal Republic’s military tells Shin about the mission is about to take charge of known as the “Spearhead” where they’ll be put in high-risk situations. As that happened you saw a flashback to all the fallen comrades who were part of the San Republic’s “Spearhead”.

That moment to me was very powerful because it truly hammered home the point that the Eighty-Six will always be viewed as undesirables. However, despite this title, they still fought with pride until the very end. Seeing them all say thanks to Shin before vanishing in that little flashback deal thing there was nice.

If anything, I’m looking forward to seeing in the future episodes is what happens to the San Republic of Mongolia. I say this because, at the very start of the episode, we see the San Republic being destroyed and invaded by the Legion with Lena holding firm and defending the country until the very end. From what’s been shown by episode six it seems as though the Federal Republic at least sees the San Republic as a lost cause with no hope of survival. There is no way the San Republic really falls because Lena is still a feature of the anime, so I assume that Lena barely manages to hold on and defeats the Legion, preventing the San Republic’s end.

Anyway great episode from an emotional standpoint, it had everything. From emotional pain to sentimental moments. Emotionally, episode six had it all, action-wise it was quite the opposite which was the biggest thing I didn’t like about the episode.



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