Banished from the Hero’s Party | Episode Six Review

It seems as though Red’s past is slowly starting to catch up to him. It may only just be me but it feels as though with every passing episode, we see more about Red’s past and its characters. It seems as though the calm life that Red and Rit were looking to live is starting to fall from their grasp.

It also would seem as though we’re eventually getting what I had hoped, which is to see more of Ruti. She’s a fascinating character and her divine blessing is even more interesting. We learned more about her blessing and it only reinforced the fact that Ruti is basically immortal, she’s like the Administrator in SAO: Alicization. Ruti’s blessing makes it so she doesn’t need to sleep, eat, or require anything that everyone else would need to continue living. Her blessing of being a ‘Hero’ makes it so that she can carry out her missions without fail, which is fascinating to me.

We also got to see Ruti smile and express emotion through her monotone voice, which I never thought I’d see happen. But then again, I don’t know why I thought that because it was only a matter of time until we saw a break in character. I thought seeing a younger Ruti faintly smile while around her brother was nice, especially when you compare the younger Ruti to the Ruti we see now. Who I do not think is remotely capable of smiling. This may also just be me paying too close attention to the characters, but these two versions of Ruti’s are different in age for one, but their eyes differ as well. The eyes of the younger Ruti seemed as like they were brighter and glowed a lot more. While the eyes of the current Ruti are dark and pale, which I’m sure represents the wear and tear of having the divine blessing of the ‘Hero’, destined to slay the Demon Lord.

Anyway, Ruti aside. Episode six was alright, I mean it was one with fan service so I knew immediately there wasn’t much to be expected. This was also the episode where we saw Red and Rit finally become a couple, which I mean is alright, but we all knew it would happen. Like I’ve mentioned throughout my blogs on the anime, I would have liked there to be a natural build-up to things. Which was something that didn’t really happen for this relationship between our two protagonists. The other thing I’m looking forward to seeing is what happens to the town of Zoltan. Eventually, more and more people will become interested in Red and Rit and start to encroach on the peaceful life they want to live but ultimately cannot. It’ll be interesting to see what will cause Red and Rit to abandon the lives they want to live.

Anyway, episode six feels oftly similar to all the previous episodes as of late. Not great, but not terrible.