Takt Op. Destiny | Episode Six Review

I’m not going to lie but Sagan and the New York Symphonica seem to be very sketchy. With every passing episode (especially episodes five and six) that sense of ‘sketchiness’ grows larger. I’m not sure why the Symphonica is focused so much on Takt or his father for that matter. We don’t know much about Takt’s father (Kenji) but he seemed to be loved throughout the USA while he was still alive. But the feeling I’m getting from this episode, in particular, was that his death was a plan devised by the upper ranks of the New York Symphonica. Maybe Kenji’s death was an attempt to control the public and to remove the strongest Conductor who could have exterminated the D2 at his will. Perhaps the D2 was a construct of the New York Symphonica? Who knows! That’s a theory I do believe wholeheartedly to be completely honest.

I mean, why else would Sagan be so surprised by Takt’s survival. I mean it could very well be that Sagan’s idol was Kenji and seeing that his music continues to live through his son Takt. Sagan may view Takt as the person the world needs to finally eliminate the D2. However, as you can probably tell, I don’t think that is the case. It seems as though Sagan would like to use the publicity that comes with Takt being the son of Kenji to benefit himself and the New York Symphonica. It definitely seems Sagan wants to have Takt under his control to carry out the Symphonica’s ulterior motives (whatever that may be). All I know is that the two individuals who at the end of the New York Symphonica (Schindler and Sagan) seem very sketchy and it definitely feels like Takt, Anna and Cosette are walking into what could be a huge trap.

Now that I’ve gotten all the conspiracy theories out of the way. In a way, episode six was a nice break from constantly having to deal with the D2. The break from the action was a welcomed change. It’s also nice to see that Cosette is starting to regain a personality. She felt less robotic this episode and sassier which was something I liked. Watching Cosette and Takt bicker was almost like watching two siblings fight. They definitely feel like they were more connected this episode the bond between Takt and Cosette is definitely growing stronger. It was also nice seeing Takt passion for music shine through, it was a happy and bright moment for Takt. This was nice because Takt is a person who is very uninterested and dreary most of the time, so seeing his expression change for once was great.

For what it’s worth episode six did feel like a turning point of sorts. It feels as though things are about to pick up since the New York Symphonica seems to have its sights set on the trio. I wonder what’ll happen next.



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