Takt Op. Destiny | Episode Seven: I knew it!

Okay, so did I see this coming? Yeah. So in that regard, nothing about episode seven and especially with how it ended really shocked me.

The biggest question for me now is does Sagan know about Schindler’s master plan? Just how much does Sagan know about the current situation? If I were to assume that Schindler isn’t acting alone and that Sagan is the one watching over this ‘new world’ then this Musicart and Conductor front they put on is all just for show and keeps the people in check. This would explain Sagan’s need to keep Takt alive as he possesses a power (and is the son of Kenji) that would be extremely useful to the cause.

I’m leaning towards Sagan knowing what’s going on. If I were to operate under the assumption that Sagan doesn’t know what’s going on, then he probably doesn’t really know why Schindler wanted to detain Takt nor does he know of Schindler’s master plan. That would also mean Sagan would not know of Schindler’s awakening and use the D2 to eliminate large groups of people he deems undesirable to create a ‘new world’. That’s already too much happening right underneath Sagan for him not to know what’s going on. You cannot be utterly oblivious to what’s happening to a group you’re the Grand Maestro (CEO) of like it doesn’t make any sense to me.

All the more, considering that Schindler also confessed that he was the one who summoned the D2 to attack the festival where Cosette and Takt were playing (pre-musicart), I think the upcoming fight scene we’re about to see is going to be outright epic. I don’t think Takt will win by himself. Since we saw Lenny and Titan in the episode, I can only assume that Lenny will join in on the side of Takt.

If we really think about it. Let’s say that New York Symphonica is all in on this creating a new world scheme that Schindler believes he’s the champion of. It’s pretty messed up that the New York Symphonica who are supposed to protect the people from D2 are using the D2 to eliminate the people they’re supposed to protect. That’s messed up on so many levels.

Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Takt wipe the floor with Schindler. I mean Schindler was responsible for the ‘death’ of Cosette. And if Schindler was also around and was the “Head Commander” at the time of Kenji’s death, then maybe he also was the one who caused Takt to lose his father. WE JUST DONT KNOW.

I predict that Schindler will be defeated in the next few episodes. Then we’ll see Takt, Anna and Cosette start to question whether or not their destination isn’t just a trap that they’re literally driving through. Or then again, everything I theorized in this blog post can all be for not. I mean Takt could very well get captured and Cosette could be used to push forward Schindler’s plans. But, on the other hand, Sagan may not actually know a damn thing about what’s truly going on. We just don’t know and that’s exciting.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.