Sakugan | Episode Seven: A very confusing episode.

Thoughts before watching the episode.

I have a feeling that Urorop is Memenpu’s mother. This makes a lot of sense to me because it was mentioned in one of the earlier episodes that Memenpu’s mother was also very adventurous. It was also mentioned that Memenpu’s thirst for adventure comes from Urorop, but also her mother. Like, why would Urorop give Memenpu a map in the first place? How would this person know that Memenpu was someone who loved to explore? How would this individual know all these things about Memenpu without being there in person to witness it all? That’s why I think Urorop is Memenpu’s mother.

Thoughts after watching the episode.

Now, this was one very confusing episode. Not only was it confusing but I also think it was probably one of the cheapest episodes I’ve ever watched because it used the same scenes for what felt like the whole episode. The scene of them going to the same rest spot, over and over again and saying the same things over and over again. Then it did the same thing with Memenpu experiencing the same nightmare over and over again.

Memenpu experiencing the same nightmare repeatedly, which was of Gagumber dying in front of her, was very interesting and is something I didn’t expect. For example, why is Memenpu dreaming of that in the first place, every dream she has had was of her father dying and of his blood spilling on top of the roses he fell upon. Maybe that’s foreshadowing his eventual fate at the end of this journey Memenpu is currently on.

What’s more strange than dreaming a dream of which your father dies, is that Memenpu wants to see if this is true by continuing on her journey to the place she sees in her dreams, like what? You’re telling me that the place you’ve dreamt of will also be where your father dies, so you want to go and find this place to see if that will actually be the case? How does that make any sense? If anything if I had the same dream, where the place I’ve always wanted to visit also means the end of someone I love then I would stop my adventure immediately, if it means the person who dies continues to live. However, for Memenpu, that isn’t the case. Her curiosity is what’s driving her, but if her dream is true, then she’s bringing Gagumber to his eventual death.

What’s even more interesting about Memenpu’s nightmare is that we see a version where she’s at this place in her dreams in the form of a baby with her arms outstretched and crying. Standing overhead is what looks like a woman but also of Urorop who looks more and more like the villain. Maybe Gagumber isn’t actually her father, maybe Urorop’s mission is to guide Memenpu home to the place of her birth. Maybe the woman we see in Memenpu’s nightmare is her mother or is someone who saves baby Memenpu from Urorop who killed her biological parents. Gagumber seems to know the labyrinth extremely well, so maybe he knows where Memenpu is actually going but just doesn’t want to tell her.

Maybe Gagumber on his adventures through the labyrinth in his young years also got to witness the same place in Memenpu’s dreams. Maybe this place in Memenpu’s dreams was where Gagumber and Memenpu’s mother had her. If that’s the case then Urorop constantly showing up in that dream could mean that Urorop murdered Memenpu’s mother there and is looking to lure Memenpu and Gagumber back to have them lay to rest there too.

All this is very interesting, especially for Gagumber. I have a feeling he knows where Memenpu is taking them. Everything is starting to get extremely exciting I’m genuinely looking forward to what will happen in the future episodes. We know the Gagumber may end up dying once we get to this magical place, by why? Only time will tell.