Takt Op. Destiny | Episode 8: Moving Forward.

There was a lot to digest in this episode that was for sure.

This was the first genuine episode in where Cosette shows real human emotion that didn’t feel robotic. Cosette showed fear while Takt was on the verge of potential death and proceeded to flee the battle so that she could care for his wounds. At that moment in time, Cosette felt like a human and less like a robot. I think we’re finally starting to see growth with regards to the relationship between Cosette and Takt, after this battle their bond has definitely grown. Episode eight was also the episode that both Anna and Takt finally accept that Cosette and Destiny are two different people and that Cosette is no longer there. Episode after episode we saw Takt and Anna operate as though Cosette was still there, time and time again not wanting to believe that someone they cared for was no longer in that same body.

However, now they have both accepted that it’s time to move forward and accept life for how it is. Is it sad in a way? Yeah, definitely. But like all things, moving forward is one step out of many to help with the healing process.

Now to move on to something that was a lot more interesting. The fight between Cosette and Hell was actually very cool and extremely well animated. However, what really caught my eye was when Heaven (Sagan’s Musicart) came by to stop the fight. Announcing that Schindler was has been removed and stripped of all authority for getting involved with Takt. After an exchange between the two, Heaven uttered the phrase, “No. You were never a Conductor to begin with”.

This then leads me to believe that Sagan was merely using Schindler as a pawn to forward his plans. So maybe this god complete that Schindler has was because Sagan promised him that Schindler would be looked upon as a hero in this new country that they were creating. If Schindler wasn’t actually a Conductor, then who does Hell belong to? Maybe Sagan if I were to guess, but then again it could be one of those instances where Hell is a Musicart without a Conductor. This is also something we saw in previous episodes as well, considering that Hell is as powerful as Cosette, it’s definitely something I’d believe.

But then, I want to know why is Sagan so fixated on Takt, like what does he want with him? So much so that he had to relieve Schindler of his power just so that he wouldn’t kill Takt or Cosette for that matter? Now that Lenny is back from his little adventure, maybe in the next episode he’ll explain what’s really going on because it’s no secret that Lenny knows a lot more than he’s willing to say or show. I wonder if that’ll be revealed to us in the next couple of episodes, that’s something I would definitely like.