Sakugan | Episode Eight: Plot Twist.

Episode eight of Sakugan was very interesting because it presented a pretty big plot twist that I personally didn’t see coming. To sum it up, episode eight is the embodiment of “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Who would have thought that Zackletu and Gagumber go way back, that is something I didn’t expect. I also didn’t expect Zackletu to be the younger sibling to one of Gagumber’s friends, Rufus.

Zackletu sure kept Gagumber close, as she spent literally her whole life searching for him because, in her mind, Gagumber let her brother die. Gagumber was the one who was at fault for abandoning her brother and held even more of a grudge because Gagumber didn’t both tell her what happened or apologize. So Zackletu made it her mission to find him and to get her revenge, which she did in the end. There were other things in the episode that I thought were plot twists as well. For example, at the end of the episode, the preview showed Zackletu continuing to stick around with Yuri, Memenpu and Gagumber. Another plot twist is Gagumber not actually dying in the episode, even though it sure felt like he would die.

Despite the rather emotional episode for everyone excluding Yuri. The story introduces something new, which is whatever this ‘Gale’ thing is. From what little we know about it, we know that Gagumber activates his Gale (which increases his reaction speed) to save Memenpu. However, from what’s implied Gagumber had to forcibly override a stopper he implemented himself to stop himself from his Gale to save Memenpu thus doing a lot of damage to his nerves.

What are the implications of Gagumber forcibly overriding his own stopper? We don’t know but I assume we’ll find out the consequences in due time. If Gales are things that grant an individual superhero ability for a short period of time, who else has a Gale? This Gale system reminds me a little bit of SEED from Gundam SEED/Destiny series, in that the SEED also grants certain people superhuman ability. Personally, this Gale system is something I would like to learn more about because I think it’ll play a big role in the later episodes.

Oh, and there was something else I noticed about episode eight. Gagumber probably wouldn’t have gotten in this mess, rather it would have been prolonged a little longer if Memenpu hadn’t left early in the morning to be alone with her thoughts. If she had just stuck with Gagumber in the morning then, she probably wouldn’t have had to see her father on the verge of death this episode, considering that it may very well happen once they get to the place in Memenpu’s dreams.

Did episode eight accomplish anything? In terms of adventuring probably not. I mean Zackletu did get her wish. Gagumber apologized to her and to Memenpu but it almost cost Gagumber and Memenpu’s life in the process. From an emotional standpoint, revenge has been had, so I guess that happened. Considering episode nine (from the preview at the end of the episode) will consist of a day at the ‘beach’, so in knowing that, my expectations will be close to zero. Episode eight was alright though, a solid 7/10.



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