Sword Art Online: Alicization | E21 to E22: Disappointment.

Man, the remaining few episodes of Sword Art Online: Alicization have been extremely disappointing. This Administrator doesn’t seem like the final boss at all, if anything I think she’s more like a stepping stone to something even more sinister. Which would make total sense as there are two more seasons I have to get through.

The Administrator is a very interesting character because she has been in the nude for almost three episodes now, which you already know is something done for the fan service (something I don’t like). But you can tell that she convinced herself that she’s the all-powerful and all-mighty god of this world, meant to pass judgment on everyone. Despite being told by Kirito that he’s from the other side (an actual human brought into this world), that there are more powerful people than her, the Administrator doesn’t believe that to be the case. She genuinely believes that she can go against and out muscle the RATH members who made the Underworld. That’s when you know you’ve truly lost it. When in-game characters think they can stop the virtual world developers from imposing their own will on them.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge that the Administrator’s grant weapon, the Sword Automatron that duly made quick work of Kirito and Alice was stopped from killing Eugene because of a spider. Furthermore, just before this, the Prime Minister who was supposed to take out Kirito and company was slain because Kirito decided to turn into Kirito from SAO for a brief second. To be honest, if SAO Kirito has always been this strong, then why even bother putting him into virtual worlds as a beginner? I’m almost certain that in GGO, ALO, and Ordinal Scale he always ends up reverting to the OP SAO version of himself. It seems as though ‘the Administrator’ is actually Kirito given that he can turn into his OP version at any given moment.

Anyway, much like the previous two episodes. Episodes twenty-one and twenty-two were disappointing. Once again they were chatty episodes which makes this whole mission to ultimately defeat the Administrator one big disappointment. For 20+ episodes we watched Kirito and Eugene work their way towards the tower, as they got closer and closer to confronting the Administrator. If the fight against Quinella isn’t exciting and doesn’t last longer than one episode, I will be pretty upset. Especially since all the fights between Kirito and Eugene against the Integrity Knights have been pretty solid for the most part. If the fight against the Knight’s maker isn’t as long or better than the ones that came before it, then for sure, this season of Sword Art Online will be one major disappointment.

I expect BIG things in the final two episodes, that’s for sure.



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