Takt Op. Destiny | Episode 9: The next few episodes are going to be something!

The next few episodes are going to be very interesting. Did episode nine knock my socks off? No, because, like you, I too have been coming up with my own theories. Much of which may or may not be proven true in the coming episodes. Lenny indeed knows more than what’s he has been letting on and now, as we race towards the end of the anime, we’re about to find out what exactly he knows. I also think that we now know for sure that the group of people tasked with protecting the world and defeating the D2 are the ones directly behind the rise and manipulation of the D2.

The New York Symphonica is an organization that from the outside looks like they are for the people, but turns out to be against them. That makes me question this tuning thing that Takt and Destiny were about to undertake before being told that they (the Symphonica) could not tune Destiny. To me, this tuning thing has always been iffy because we don’t know what it actually does. Could it be that it does a lot of good and allows the Musicarts to operate more efficiently and effectively? Probably. However, after watching episode nine I’m now of the opinion that the point of ‘tuning’ Musicarts is to nerf the opposition ensuring that there are no duos without the Spymphonica that are stronger than those in leadership positions. I mean why else would Heaven press Lotte if she had tuned Destiny yet?

I believe the only reason why Heaven asked Lotte was that both she and Sagan view Destiny and Takt as a clear threat to the authority and power that Sagan and the New York Symphonica over society.

Now that the anime has decided to involve Anna’s family as a whole, it’ll be interesting to see how they’re used against Takt and Destiny because I see that happening. I mean, why else would Lenny call Takt demanding that they all leave New York immediately and that Takt do everything possible to protect Anna and her family? Could it be that Lenny simply ensures that Takt doesn’t lose more people he cares about? Sure. But I think Lenny realizes that Sagan may use Anna and her family against Takt and Destiny and is warning them now before it happens.

In many ways, episode nine was great because it’s the calm before the storm episode. The episode where everyone is more or less the happiest before everything gets uprooted in chaos and destruction. Episode nine is also the gateway, whereby we’ll be told about the New York Symphonica and Kenji’s (Takt’s father) death.

I think the next couple of episodes are going to be outright epic. I don’t want Takt or Destiny to die, I also do not want Lenny and Titan to die. However, given how episode nine played out, it seems as though the death flag for Lenny and Titan is about to drop. But I also think we’ll see the best fight from Takt and Destiny. I can see this anime ending in all three ways, happy, sad and bittersweet; and that excites me.



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