Sakugan | Episode 9: A boring episode.

In the last blog, I mentioned how episode nine will be an episode that I will have little to no expectations for and I’m glad that was the case. I’ve noticed this with a few of the anime I’m currently watching, they save what could be the best for last. There isn’t anything wrong with that, especially when there’s a natural progression, but when we speak about Sakugan there isn’t really a natural progression of things.

Episode nine was a boring episode and one that felt very random too. Although many things happened during the episode, it genuinely felt like the studio threw together a bunch of different ideas into the episode in hopes that it would work together somehow. I’m here to say that none of it worked. In short, our adventurers fell victims to a cave-in and were washed away together to an island. The entire episode was just them doing absolutely nothing on the island as they waited for someone to find a rescue them.

Then we have Memenpu who is still highly determined to reach the place in her dreams because she wants to know whether or not her father dies when they get there. I’ve never seen a nine-year-old so determined to see whether or not the place that awaits them also means that their father also dies. To me, it all seems very backwards it also feels like the studio realized that the story being told in Sakugan is bland and decided to throw a POI to make the anime remotely interesting, in the form of the Shibito. Speaking objectively, Sakugan is an anime where a father-daughter duo travels to a place that Memenpu had seen in her dreams. There’s no real meat to the bone, so I can understand why people aren’t too interested in the anime.

Do I hope that this Shibito group will be something worthwhile? Yes. Gagumber and Memenpu’s relationship is what drew me towards Sakugan. We’ve already seen how far Gagumber is willing to go to protect his daughter. Who knows? Maybe the Shibito will be the cause of Gagumber’s death. I also hope that when these groups eventually cross paths, that it’ll be the embodiment of saving the best for last.

Overall, episode nine wasn’t that great. I hate to admit it but episode nine was a boring episode because nothing of value happened. In saying all this, I hope for a strong finish because, despite the show’s many shortcomings, the dynamic duo of Gagumber and Memenpu has been one I’ve really enjoyed watching play out. I don’t want this father-daughter duo to go to waste.



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