Blue Period | Episode 9 and 10: Two amazing episodes.

Episodes nine and ten were extremely emotional episodes, but they were also my favourites. The topic of both episodes I thought were very strong and impactful. While watching episodes nine and ten, I couldn’t help but reflect and think on the various conversations between Ryuuji and Yatora.

Seeing Ryuuji’s struggles even at home, where his parents still haven’t accepted him for who he is. Seeing Ryuuji getting yelled at and hit by his parents because their child isn’t giving them the opportunity to live an ordinary life carries a lot of weight. We saw the worst in Ryuuji, we saw him at his lowest point. The only two people who accepted Ryuuji for who he was were Yatora and his grandmother.

“If naked embarrass you, If you’re still bothered by what other people will think of you, then you can’t die just yet.”

When Ryuuji and Yatora went on that mini-vacation, you could tell that they needed each other in one way or another. Both Ryuuji and Yatora are very similar despite being also completely different if that makes any sense. Their relationship is unique in that respect and it’s something I really like. In episodes nine and ten, they were each other’s source of strength and pain. Seeing them work through the motions, as they tried to better understand each other. their feelings, while also trying to make sense of the difficult situations they found themselves in was very interesting, to say the least.

I think episodes nine and ten gave me serious 3-Gatsu no Lion vibes because of the emotion that was portrayed through the characters. You couldn’t help but feel anxious and stressed. They were definitely episodes that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Especially with how episode ten ended off, with Yatora hunched over in the stairwell, which only added to my anxiety. Now I know that his rash probably got infected or something, which is why he’s experiencing quite a lot of pain, but still. After a dramatic two episodes, seeing the main protagonist saying “Is it going to end here?”, that’s the last thing anyone needs.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Blue Period ends. In my book, episode nine and ten deserve a solid 8/10.