Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | E20 – 22: More Learning.

I decided to watch three episodes in a row because episode twenty felt incomplete, so I watched episode twenty-one. Still, that episode was more or less a continuation of episode twenty. So while they are two different episodes, I consider them just one big episode split up into two halves. So, then I watched episode Twenty-two and then it finally felt like it was different.

What do I mean by different? First and foremost, it felt like a closure episode to the previous two episodes. While watching, I always wondered why it took Kukuru so long to get out of the marketing team? Why was she even put there in the first place? It also didn’t help that her boss, the Assistant Director, kept piling on work and giving unreasonable timelines for projects etc. So while the Assistant Director went about his duty doing what’s best for Tingaara, the fact that Kukuru was the one who had the bear the brunt and effectively carry the weight of the Marketing team was extremely unfair.

It got to the point where we had Kukuru questioning her drive to continue working. To sum it up, episodes twenty to twenty-two are about Kukuru losing herself only to find herself again. Kukuru learned a valuable lesson: knowing when too much is too much and when it’s time to take a break. That being said, how she went about that was wrong, considering she just abandoned work and didn’t tell anyone where she was going. If that happened in real life, that is a very serious thing in the workplace, but in anime, it’s okay. Don’t we all wish life was an anime? I sure do.

Not to mention, after twenty-two episodes in, the people at the Tingaara, especially the Assistant Director finally give Kukuru the opportunity of transferring departments. Instead of being stuck with Marketing, she will finally have the opportunity to be an attendant. I don’t know why it took probably a good fourteen episodes or so for this change to happen (Probably took long, maybe not. I forgot what episode in which everyone moved to the Tingaara.) Maybe the Assistant Director would have clued in that Kukuru doesn’t actually like being a part of the Marketing Team. There have been many instances where Kukuru has been vocal about her passions and has made it known to everyone. So why she continued on as a Marketing team member is beyond me.

Maybe Kukuru didn’t know that if you put in a request to be transferred to another area within Tingaara that it may have been approved. Or maybe if she had asked to be placed somewhere else, maybe things could have been different. In all actuality, I’m sure there are a dozen of ways in which Kukuru could have gone about things to make things a little more enjoyable for herself. While I understand that the original intention was to have Kukuru experience other things outside of just taking care of the animals, it was to help broaden Kukuru’s horizons. However, come to think of it, how far we’ve come was it all necessary? Has Kukuru learned from this experience? Not sure, to be completely honest. It feels like she learned from her experiences, but at the same time, it doesn’t. Maybe the final two episodes will offer something different.

Episodes twenty to twenty-two were okay episodes, was there something to be learned? Yeah. However, these three episodes feel very, I guess, minimal. 6/10.