Takt Op. Destiny | Episode Ten: Lenny.

This was the final death flag that Lenny could not avoid. And you know what? It makes me sad that we lost a character that provided a different energy to the anime. Lenny was one of those supporting characters that worked and has been one of those characters that overall were both highly beneficial to the anime and the growth and development of the main protagonists.

That being said, Lenny sure was a beast of a man. Watching from a distance, only stepping in when he absolutely has to. Who would have thought that Lenny was the pupil of Takt’s father, Kenji? Was this something that caught me off guard? No. As mentioned in previous blogs, Lenny knew more than he was letting on. Lenny was just travelling around the USA, making sure that what he thought was true is in fact, something that happened.

I think this is where Takt Op. Destiny’s storytelling does fall off a little bit. Simply because it gave us too many hints and clues as to what could be going on. It seemed as though as we got closer to the anime’s end, these hints became more and more apparent. Am I surprised that Sagan was the one behind the D2 attacks and that the New York Symphonica was an organization to cover up what was really happening? No. I had already pieced all the clues together. I knew that something like that would be the case. Ultimately, as is with most shows, once a character knows too much, they are now the target and are marked for death. This is what happens to Lenny, he found out too much and now Sagan had to take him out.

How Lenny went out though was something to be admired. Lenny as a Conductor was stronger than I thought. Furthermore, Titan was stronger than I thought as well. She was able to take on Hell and Heaven all by herself, even when Destiny had reverted back to her human self. Lenny’s death was a bittersweet one because, yes he has died, however, he died saving Takt. Something he wishes he could have done for Kenji. Seeing Lenny walk into the light alongside Kenji, someone he admired as a fitting end to such a great supporting character.

I don’t know how many episodes are left in the anime, but now there are some serious question marks. First, Destiny cannot continue to fight on as long as she’s draining Takt’s life. Considering that Sagan appears to be the final boss of the anime, someone who can easily control two Musicarts without breaking a sweat. Being able to face off against him is almost an impossible task for Cosette and Takt unless something happens that prevents Cosette from draining Takt’s life force. Furthermore, what happens to Titan? Does she now wonder along with Anna, Cosette and Takt? I assume she does. Unless she finds someone else to ‘bond’ to. In this case, if Titan does ‘bond’ to another Conductor, I think it’ll be either Takt or Anna. I think Anna is the most likely choice, although she isn’t a Conductor at this point in time.

Takt had already struggled mightily in the fight against Sagan, only Lenny was able to stand toe-to-toe, and Lenny was the one who ended up dying. Takt also struggles to fight the D2 because those fights alone cause too much harm to himself because of Destiny’s inefficiency. So it’ll be interesting to see how or if Takt and Destiny will be able to overcome Sagan and bring back music to the world.

I assume that they will be able to do that. However, I think it’ll end up costing Takt’s or Cosette’s life. That’s my guess! Anyway, this episode was great. 8/10.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.