Banished from the Hero’s Party | Episode Ten Review

To put it simply, episode ten of Banished from the Hero’s Party was a whole lot of nothing. From a pure entertainment standpoint, if we look at this objectively, episode ten just isn’t it. You know that feeling when something is just meh. There have been too many of those moments for this anime, and episode ten is just another one of those instances.

Now in saying that, does this mean that episode ten had absolutely nothing in it? No. The message the episode was trying to get across has been the same since the start of the anime. Divine Blessings can give you a purpose. They can guide your life. However, they can also tie you down and hold you hostage. We’ve seen many instances now where these divine blessings hurt the person or others and, in some cases, drive people insane.

In this case, we see the extreme of what a Divine Blessing can do to a person. Ruti, whose divine blessing is to eventually slay the Demon Lord, is a slave to her destiny. She’s a teen who carries the hopes of the world that everyone lives in. She carries the expectation of being the ‘hero.’ As Ruti has grown, the more her divine blessing began to take over. To the point where her blessing no longer allowed Ruti to enjoy the things, she used to enjoy. Her destiny has deprived Ruti of her emotions and given her superhuman ability, all of which robbed her of the little things. Like enjoying the food Red used to make for her and things like that. Ultimately her blessing denied Ruti of the opportunity of being spoiled by her brother. Then you have Red and Rit, who are going about life happily together, refusing to allow their Divine Blessings to determine how they should live their lives.

It’s a shame that it took us this long to find all this out about Ruti. I don’t think the anime has enough time to make up for its shortcomings with three episodes remaining. I do expect some sort of fight to happen because Ares is on his way to find Ruti. Furthermore, we still have touched upon this ‘Demon Blessing’ yet. There are still many things that have yet to be mentioned, but I don’t think we have enough time to squeeze it all in there.



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