Sakugan | Episode Ten: Rainbow Children?

Since Merooro mentioned that the Shibito aim for the princesses, I wonder if the Rainbow Kids they refer to are the princesses and Memenpu is actually one herself. We haven’t got much information on her mother yet so I feel like that could be a potential connection, maybe Gagumber himself doesn’t know of her mother’s birth lineage. I’m curious as to why they’re so after her.

We also may have just met the people who will eventually kill Gagumber, should Memenpu’s dream be a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Presumably, Gagumber dies saving Memenpu, considering that he’s almost died twice I’m sure that this is one death flag that he won’t be able to avoid. It’ll be interesting to see how the events of episode ten influence the remaining episodes of the anime.

Maybe Memenpu starts asking Gagumber about her mother’s side. I mean, let’s be real, Gagumber has always felt like an individual who knew more than he was letting known. So maybe in the episodes to come, Gagumber will start to reveal everything he knows and just how important Memempu is to the grand scheme of things. It also seems like Merooro knows a lot about Memenpu too given just how involved he has been over the past few episodes. Maybe he’s there to see everything unfold, or maybe he knows the importance of Memenpu’s existence.

This unknown is turning out to be something very interesting. It’s a shame that he’s only happening now, I wish there was a better build-up. If you’re like me and have also been following this anime, then you can probably see where I’m coming from when I say; for the most part, the episodes are rather uneventful. I don’t think there’s enough pull at the start of the episode to keep the viewer entertained, so I can see why people are disinterested in the anime. If the beginning of each episode had the same energy as the end of each episode, I think that Sakugan would have been a little more interesting. The end of episode ten was a lot more entertaining than the beginning.

If I were to exclude the closing few minutes of episode ten, the episode as a whole was uninteresting, to say the least. Now I know what to look forward to as the anime whines to a close.



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