Takt Op. Destiny | Episode Eleven: The Final Boss.

You know what? Episode eleven of Takt Op. Destiny feels very Naruto-esk. Now you may be asking yourself, “How do these two polar opposite anime share?” Well, Sagan, in a way, is like Madara, in how Sagan has been pulling the strings behind the scenes. Sagan is or was, the man behind the rise of the D2. Then somehow, someway, Sagan, Hell and Heaven turn into the final boss. Who is a female by the name of Orpheus. Similar to how Madara turns into Kaguya.

Naruto isn’t the only comparison I can draw; another comparison I can make is Guilty Crown. This makes more sense to me because the crystals remind me of the void in Guilty Crown. Furthermore, the dynamic between Takt and Destiny is similar to Inori and Shuu. In both instances, Inori and Destiny are weapons wielded by their partner, both duos fight the ‘final boss,’ and both duos know of the potential outcome. In Guilty Crown, Inori dies to save the world and Shuu. However in Takt Op. Destiny, I think that Takt will be the one who will end up dying to save the world. I don’t believe that Destiny will be the one to die as there have been many instances where Musicarts exist without a Conductor; Titan is one, for example.

I could be completely wrong and maybe Destiny ends up dying to save Takt and the world. OR both of my theories could be wrong and no one ends up dying. Anyway, because of the serious Guilty Crown vibes that episode eleven gave off, I can only assume that the ending will be something similar. I predict a bittersweet ending, with the final boss being defeated and one of the two main protagonists dying in the process.

In a way, I’m a little frustrated that this battle will only last one episode. In a way, the last few episodes have definitely felt rushed. For example, when Takt, Destiny and Anna finally made their way to New York. We were immediately handed a ton of information in a short period. Like I’m pretty sure in the span of roughly two episodes, we find out the story behind the D2, New York Symphonica, Takt’s father, Lenny, and Takt’s condition. Now in episode eleven, we have the final boss and I can only assume that we’re going to learn more about this ‘Orpheus’ character.

But alas, there isn’t much we can do. The ending of Takt Op. Destiny has already been determined and it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to seeing. I hope that everyone comes out of this alive, however, because of the death flag that Takt has put up, I don’t believe that’ll be the case and we’ll end up losing either Takt or Destiny.



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