Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi | Episode Ten: A day on the basketball court.

Episode ten was great because it had so many funny and entertaining moments. Like there was a little bit of everything for everyone, which meant that pretty much every scene had its own little quirk. Did you want Kazama and Sakura? You got ’em. How about Igarashi and Takeda? Sure, the episode has them as well. Personally, I think the overall use of the characters in episode ten was really well done because everyone for the most part got their screentime and the episode also made sure to save time for all the ‘relationships’ that have slowly been developing each episode.

Episode ten was overall just very enjoyable, you guys know that slice of life episodes tend to be rated higher for me because it’s something that I’m into. But objectively, I thought that episode ten felt very balanced, nothing felt out of place or hyper exaggerated. Each scene flowed and transitioned well and that’s something I appreciated.

It’s weird, as I’m watching two anime largely considered Comedy and Slice of life. Those two are Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi and Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. I think right now I’m leaning more towards Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi because of the enjoyment factor and because it’s a lot more straightforward than Komi-san. Now, the concepts are different and with that in mind, I favour Komi-san more. But in terms of episode usage, I think Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi is better at dividing its episode up.

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu., I feel is more about the story of Komi-san while Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi is all about overall enjoyment and entertainment value. Anyway, that’s enough of that.

What I’ve enjoyed most about Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi up until this point was that our characters have slowly grown to be more comfortable around each other. For example, Igarashi isn’t as embarrassed around Takeda and Sakurai and Kazama are not as shy around each other. As a matter of fact, I think they’re growing to be a lot more straightforward with another. As shown by Sakurai making all those cute pout faces when she realized that it wouldn’t just be her and Kazama. As well as Sakurai grabbing onto Kazama demanding that he stay behind with her because she “I didn’t get a chance to spend any time with you (Kazama)”. As someone who ships those two so hard that was something that had me smiling.

Anyway, episode ten was an entertaining episode for a variety of reasons. Especially that little scene where everyone went to a hot bath area. One face that will live with me forever was when Yuuto saw Takeda’s manhood when he stood up. That face will live with me forever.