Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear | Anime Review: The OP Bear Lady.

Yuna is like the Kirito of this fantasy world, insanely overpowered but she is also the Robin Hood of the anime as well. Imagine being sucked into this new world by this ‘god’ who then bestows you with arguably the most overpowered item in the game, in the form of a bear onesie. Despite Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear not having much to it, the anime itself I thought was very lighthearted and definitely one of those ‘feel-good’ anime.

After fanatically playing the VRMMO World Fantasy Online for almost a year, the shut-in yet relatively affluent fifteen-year-old Yuna receives a bear costume from the game’s administrators. The outfit, while somewhat embarrassing to wear, turns out to have overpowered stats and effects that make her character significantly more powerful. After accepting the bear equipment, she finds herself transported to another in-game world that prevents her from returning to reality.

Confused and unable to log out, Yuna sets out to explore this new environment. She rescues a girl named Fina from wild wolves, who then guides her to the city of Crimonia. With her eccentric bear attire, however, Yuna stands out wherever she goes, and alongside her boosted fighting prowess, her reputation quickly rises—to the point that people give her the nickname “Bloody Bear.”

Undeterred by this change in her life, Yuna decides to take on the role of an adventurer and fully enjoy herself in her new world.

Conceptionally the story is as simple as it gets. Heck, you can argue that there isn’t really a story to begin with because we’re watching Yuna travel around this world she finds herself in, wanting to make it a better place for everyone that lives in it.

Make no mistake. Yuna’s no pushover when getting work done especially when judging on her combat skills. It’s actually amusing once you witness her feats in the show. Fighting monsters seems more like an annoying chore for her than an actual challenge. The anime built her character to be powerful, and by powerful, she is pretty much unrivalled throughout all her fights. She’s a selfless girl that has the personality of a teen but also with heart of gold. She even forms some important relationships with others such as Fina and Noire. While on her adventure, you can see more of Yuna’s real personality when she interacts with these characters.

Comedy-wise, this show loves its recurring gags specifically with other characters making fun of Yuna’s bear outfit. She herself even realizes how ridiculous it looks despite the overwhelming stat advantages. Studio EMT Squared and the director designed her in such a way to sell the show’s appeal. Furthermore, the world that Yuna finds herself in is very vibrant and colourful. It’s very pleasing to the eye and that’s something I appreciate. I do enjoy a colourful setting, especially for an anime that in every way possible is all about creating a happy and inviting atmosphere. The world setting itself is designed to reflect fantasy elements with castles, dangerous creatures, and oversized bears.

All that being said, I think the biggest negative about the anime that was there wasn’t really a conflict that Yuna struggled to overcome. When you look at all the other anime which have VRMMORPG or alternate world at its center, each character does encounter a situation that seems almost impossible. Log Horizon, Accel World, No Game No Life, SAO etc, the characters encounter what’s believed to be an unbeatable opponent. However in, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, Yuna didn’t really have that. Yuna was basically like Anos Voldigoad, unopposed and unmatched by everyone.

I’m a person who enjoys simple things. We were presented with simple characters and a story, while minimalistic, was something I did enjoy. The world Yuna found herself in was very colourful and leaned heavily on the fantasy aspect of things, which I’m all for because it felt like I was watching a game unfold. I wonder if the second season will take a different approach. We have seen all the good that Yuna has done and will continue to do, but I would like there to be someone, anyone, who will present a big enough challenge and stand in her way. Will that happen? Probably not, but one can wish!



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