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Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki 2nd Season | First Impressions: Could have started better.

Together with his talented aides, the “Realist Hero” Kazuya Souma continues his quest of reinvigorating the Elfrieden Kingdom through administrative reform. Having successfully conquered Van—the capital city of the Principality of Amidonia—Kazuya now faces the envoy from Gran Chaos Empire, who wishes to impose punishment for breaching the ban on war established by the Mankind Declaration Treaty. Despite the dire situation, Kazuya sees a path to avoid unnecessary conflict whilst gaining new allies. With his plan being seemingly perfect, the only barrier to success is gaining approval from the envoy.

You know what, my first impressions on the second season of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki, have not been so great. As a matter of fact, it could have definitely been a LOT better. When you spend the better part of three episodes in a throne room, where only three characters do most of the talking. There’s a very slim chance of anything remotely interesting happening and that was the case for the first three episodes of the anime. For me, this was the worst start to a second season that I’ve seen in a long while. Something I dislike about anime nowadays is that they make these “part 2” anime, as a viewer I think it’s unnecessary. Why not make a longer first season?

To be completely honest, I’m not even sure what else there is to write about because that’s how poor my first impression was of the anime. Something I will say time, and time again is that the first few episodes are extremely important. It’s when the stage must be set and the ‘wow’ factor must be established or hinted at in order to keep the viewer watching and entertained. When you have three episodes where the majority of the time it’s characters talking politics, it’s a major buzzkill because what stage has been set? Maybe the secret alliance between the Elfrieden Kingdom and Gran Chaos Empire, but that’s about it. Was there a pull factor that was established or hinted at? No. There was nothing during any of the three episodes that kept me entertained or kept me wanting to watch.

From a character standpoint, nothing about the first three episodes establishes anything new. In a fantasy world where polygamy is common. You already knew that Souma is someone of great interest, especially to the Empire and maybe others. I guess the only redeeming factor was that we got to see a different side to Liscia. The passive-aggressive and jealous side. Although she was one who encouraged Souma to have more than one wife at the start. You could definitely tell that while it’s something Liscia still supports, it does bother her (even if it’s extremely small). It’s nice to see a little break from the tough exterior that Liscia sports sometimes. That being said, I do not expect too much character development to happen given how slow the anime has felt so far. I genuinely think that there isn’t enough time for it.

Anyway, to conclude. The second season to Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki (Part 2) has gotten off to an extremely poor and disappointing start. Which is very disappointing but then again, I do not think it can get any worse. So I expect things to get better in the coming episodes that’s for sure.

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