86 2nd Season | Episode 11: Finally.

Wow, finally. Never thought I’d see that day when 86 2nd Season would comeback. Granted, I knew that the anime was going to make its return in march, but in what fashion? Episode eleven was a very pretty episode in terms of animation, watching Lena walk through the field of what looked like poppies to the mangled mech of Shinn was definitely a sight to behold.

I thought episode nine had a deeper meaning because for once, we actually saw emotion out of Shinn. This is something we’ve never seen before and it took me by surprise honestly. Also, we finally found out what Shinn truly feared, he feared being alone. Which is very ironic given that Shinn by definition is a lone ranger. Not to mention Shinn has already experienced so much loss and so much pain, I thought that this fear of being alone or losing people close to him would be the last thing on his mind. Apparently I was wrong.

I also loved how this episode in particular was very much a Lena and Shinn episode. I especially love how Lena tell Shinn that the only reason why she has survived this long and fought this hard was because she wanted to meet up with the people she cared about the most, the 86, the members of the spearhead that she commanded. Again, this was something that I thought was very admirable about her. Lena’s unwillingness to give up and her determination to find the people she called family, was very heart warming.

Especially since she kept everything from the Spearhead base, which only showed her devotion to the people she cared about.

I am most looking forward to their reunion, I wonder what will come of it. I’m sure it’ll be a very emotional episode. Episode twelve is also one of those episodes where you don’t know what to expect. Like, I don’t know what’ll happen next and I’m sure it’ll be an episode for the ages. They’ve had months to prepare a fitting end to this series so hopefully it’ll be something emotional. With Lena wanting to take her comrades away from the battlefield, but Shinn and company wanting to remain with the military because that’s all they’ve ever known will be a point of contention between the two.

It’ll be interesting to see what Lena does then. I did happen to take a glance at the wikia when the anime was on hiatus to see what would happen next, so I know of know where the story will lead to next. Do I believe that 86 will be re-upped for another season? Probably not, since the second season was put on the backburner for a little bit. None the less, it’ll be interesting to see what journeys our characters will go on now, since they’ll all be reunited in the last episode.