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86 2nd Season | Episode 12: The End.

A yes, a fitting end for a fairly emotional anime. Episode twelve of 86 2nd Season (86 Part 2) was a wild emotional rollarcoaster to say the least. The last episode was full of happiness, sadness, lighthearted comedy and the reunion was very emotional as I hope it would.

I especially liked how episode twelve genuinely felt like an ending episode. What I mean by that was it didn’t really end on a cliffhanger. The end of the episode didn’t feel like there was unfinished business and that was something I really liked. To be honest, I’ve always disliked final episodes that left off with finished business. For example, No Game No Life is a prime example of this. You cannot summon old Deus then say “Let the Game’s Begin” and not continue on. To this day, it still bothers the crap out of me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the fact that episode twelve also provided a little bit of a recap. We got to see Shinn and company genuinely enjoy being free this time. When they were first brought into the Federal Republic, this concept of being free was something they were unfamiliar with and it made them very uneasy. However, now, each one of them are embracing and enjoying this freedom they now have.

Shinn as a character is the one person who has grown so much throughout this series. He’s gone from an emotionless individual who only fought for revenge to someone who is now fighting for everyone. Shinn is now someone who is fighting for the sake of those fought and died with him, for a better tomorrow.

I also enjoyed the fact that we got to see Lena’s side and learn about the aftermath of the San Republic. Seeing her walk through a country in ruin. Where nothing but death, destruction, and resentment remained; it all was very moving. However, amongst all that grey, you saw that there was hope, the workings of a better tomorrow. This took on the form of little kids drawing happy faces on the only thing that had colour a poster which read “Welcome True the San Republic of Mongolia”. Which was a very nice and subtle way of showing hope for a better tomorrow.

The final episode of Episode twelve of 86 2nd Season (86 Part 2) in a nutshell was, I think anyway, I message of hope and for a better tomorrow. Our character know that the goal they are chasing will be a long one, but as long as they have each other. So long as they continue to fight for each other and for the sake of others, there will be a better tomorrow.

Without a doubt, episode twelve was a great final episode.

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