Spy x Family | Episode One: Highly Anticipated

Spy x Family was just one of those highly anticipated anime, I think everyone will agree with that. When you have an anime which is advertised to the moon by Crunchyroll, everyone’s heads are always bound to turn. This was the case for me. My social media feeds are for the most part filled to the brim with anime related content and Spy x Family was one I saw plenty of.

So what were my first impressions of the anime. Overall, I’d say they were pretty dang good. There was action, some pretty funny moments and on top of that, the characters are ones I can definitely get behind. For the first episode, I think that Anya is the character I’ll end up liking the most (which I assume will be the case for everyone else who watch this anime). She’s very much that comedic relief character.

Anya is also a special individual in that she’s able to read other people’s minds and to me, that’s actually something pretty neat. Anya is able to read the mind of her adoptive father, Loid, and her reactions to his internal thoughts are golden. Not to mention, as Anya is a young child who didn’t have a normal upbringing. Seeing her be that child causing unnecessary havoc and headache towards her parental figure was definitely very funny.

Alternatively, like Anya, Loid was also someone who didn’t have a parental figure in his life. So seeing him try to execute his spy mission, while also trying to be/learn how to be a father figure has also been something fun to watch. You can tell that his mission has already been compromised because while Loid understands that everything that has happened so far are for the purposes of his mission. Loid’s focus has already unconsciously shifted to being a proper parental figure for Anya because ultimately Loid desires to create a world where children wouldn’t cry. Which means, he can’t let Anya cry!

As the next part of his mission is to secure a wife, which we all know will be Yor (the assassin as per promotion material). It’ll be interesting to see what happens to this already interesting dynamic. Not to mention, we’ll have a spy marrying an assassin, both of which will probably have different goals they need to accomplish. All while being parental figures to a child who can read both their minds. I think that’ll be something worth tuning into for sure.

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  1. I watched it – finally got thru all the Hulu ads crashing, the anime itself never caused a problem – and thought it has great potential. It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

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