Spy x Family | Episode Two: Spy x Assassin.

The second episode to Spy x Family was a great one. An unlikely marriage has just occurred. A spy marrying an assassin in the coolest way possible. That’s exactly what made this episode worthwhile. When you have two individuals whose careers cannot be even more different, come together because they both have separate missions they have to accomplish makes for a good episode.

Not to mention, when you have another episode full of action, whether that be Yor assassinating people in the coolest way possible, or Loid taking care of a bunch of goons trying to chase him down. Episode two had everything, not to mention, that impromptu wedding the two had with the ‘wedding ring’ being the pin from a grenade that Loid had just thrown; was outright epic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime wedding that cool before and that spontaneous before. I cannot wait until Anya finds out that Yor has become her mother. I think that’ll be something to look forward to.

That being said, I think Loid will have an easier time completing his mission I think because he’s able to play the part better than Yor. That’s something I’ve noticed as Yor’s character although is an Assassin, feels like a very timid and shy character. While Loid is the exact opposite. Furthermore, Loid has also played multiple roles and has taken on various different monikers to complete his missions, so he’s a lot more experienced when it comes to acting the part.

In a way the second episode reminded me a little bit of Nisekoi on the basis that they (Loid and Yor) have to fake their relationship in order to complete their objectives. I think it’ll turn out being one of those things that eventually their line of work will cause them to go against one another, in which their mission will ultimately fail because this fake relationship they found themselves in turned into something real. That’s my prediction!

I’m genuinely looking forward to see what happens next because like all things, you can only hide your true identity and motives for so long before it’s found out. I doubt that either Yor or Loid will find each other out for who they really are this anime. But should Spy x Family be renewed for another season, it’ll be bound to happen eventually and that’s what intrigues me the most. How will they react and how will their lives change as a result.

Episode two of Spy x Family was a great one for sure, 9/10.