Spy x Family | Episode 3: Anya’s episode.

Episode three of Spy x Family, was Anya’s episode. Everyone who has seen it can agree that this was the case.

One thing I’ve enjoyed a lot about Spy x Family so far is that the first three episodes in focused primarily on one character. For example, I thought the first episode focused on Loid, the second on Yor and this most recent episode, was Anya’s episode. It was also the first real episode where we saw this ‘family’ try to act like one.

Which in itself was very fun to watch because each one of them are trying to do their own thing while still trying to give off the impression that they’re a family. As the title of this blog suggests, I thought this episode was Anya’s episode. I thought this because her character was someone who added that comedic relief, which I think is extremely important in all anime. On top of that, Anya is an adorable character, she’s someone who can make anyone smile.

Anya is a child (obviously), so much of the episode is here being that daughter in the anime. However, I think what makes this episode even more entertaining is Anya’s ability to read other people’s minds. Seeing her constantly read Loid or Yor’s minds, which then results in Anya reacting in a lot of various ways. Most of those reactions being that of shock. Which is to be expected, when you have Yor francizing over weapons used for murder or Loid’s brutally honest remarks. Anya’s reactions throughout it all remain god-tier.

We cannot understate just how much influence Anya has had on Spy x Family especially in these early episodes. I think her character has been vital to everything that has happened so far. Ultimately it was Anya, who showed Loid just how smart she actually was, which caused Loid to adopt her. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for Anya’s terrible acting when it came down to finding her a ‘mother’ (not to mention, the prospect of an Assassin marrying a spy). We wouldn’t have had this weird ‘family’ today. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, Anya is that comedic relief character.

Overall, I thought episode three was a great one because we got to see what this family will be/act like for the first time. I think this means that there will be more fun, entertaining and interesting times ahead. Which is something I am definitely looking forward to.



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