Spy x Family | First Impressions

So what were my first impressions of Spy x Family? Well, like many others, I think it’s safe to say that it was a great one. Let me tell you about it.

For starters, I think it’s safe to say that Spy x Family has lived up to the hype and expectation that came with it. Which is obviously a big plus for the anime. When you’re presented with the premise of an assassin and a spy ‘marrying’ each other for the purposes of preserving world peace while also completing their respective missions. But not knowing one another’s true occupations, is something extremely interesting. Then you add onto this by having a daughter (adopted), who is able to read the minds of others around her. You cannot help but feel excitement and interest.

What had made Spy x Family so great is that each character, Loid (Twilight), Yor and Anya are all equally interesting. While this family connects each one of them together. I think they all share a deeper connection, while we the anime hasn’t given too much information about each other their pasts (Apart from Anya, kinda). Something that is implied/told through various ways is that each one of them did not have a normal upbringing and experienced some sort of trauma at a young age. Which ultimately led to them being who they are in the present.

That’s something I hope the anime explores in the later episodes. I want a more indepth look into the past of Anya and why she has her abilities. I want to know about Twilight’s past and I want to know about Yor’s past.

  • Characters? Great.
  • Premise? Amazing.
  • OP and ED? Wonderful.
  • Art Design? Heck yeah.

Let’s be honest here, there have been a lot of great things in the early days of Spy x Family. My favourite part of the show so far has been how this weirdly assembled family interacts with one another. A brutally honest father, the comedic relief daughter and a mother who is all too worrisome at times. As each one of them has their own ‘objectives’ they’d like to accomplish, it’ll be interesting to see where it takes them.

Especially for Loid and Yor because when you have two ‘married’ individuals, whose careers are on the extreme ends of the spectrum. You cannot help but think about what if their next mission puts them against one another. What if they (Loid and Yor) find out about each other’s occupations, how will that then effect the dynamic? Then you have Anya, who is there along for the long and exhilarating ride.

I cannot wait to see what happens in the later episodes, I think that will be very fun. In short, the start to Spy x Family has been better than imagined. I definitely will be enjoying this one for sure.



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