RikeKoi | Episode Review: Experiment over. Well, not really.

I decided to binge three episodes of RikeKoi and I must say, I loved it. Experiment complete! Well, not really. Allow me to explain.

Looking back at the past couple of episodes, one thing you couldn’t help but think was “Is this the end?” for some reason that was the only thing that came across my mind. Maybe it was the vibe of the last couple of episodes or something but without a doubt, the past three episodes gave off the impression that this experiment between Himuro and Yukimura was going to come to an end. In a way.

I’ll admit, I did feel a little disheartened because I didn’t want this experiment to end. Yes, this experiment had a ton of awkward moments but it had the biggest effect on not only our main protagonists, but also on our supporting cast because they were forced to participate. This experiment to determined whether or not Himuro and Yukimura loved each other turned into something that progressed the feelings and helped our characters to better understand themselves. In short, this experiment drove character development. So when it felt like this experiment was coming to an end, the thought of losing all that made me a little sad.

However, that cannot be the case as we’re only six episodes into the second season. There must be more! Which so happens to be the case (luckily), now that Himuro and Yukimura have established that they love each other. Their next experiment will determine whether this love between them is romantic or not. Which in itself is weird but also very cute because you can see how much all this means to Himuro who is love struck the most.

Based on how episodes four, five and six played out. I think the latter half of this anime will focus primarily on Ibarada, Kanade and Kosuke, which I am totally down for. Episode six does a great job at setting the stage for the latter episodes. You can tell that Kosuke is starting to develop feelings for Ibarada even though he’s denying such things. Then you have Kanade-chan who is now dealing with her own indecisions about her personal life.

All of which I can only assume will be explored and expanded on in the coming episodes. I am definitely looking forward to that. All in all, I thought episodes four, five and six were excellent. It certainly gave me what I wanted, it also in some way felt like we’ve reached the end of the Himuro and Yukimura chapter so we will now be focusing on the rest. Now will this be the case? No. I fully expect Himuro and Yukimura to continue to be the ones who take up the majority of the screentime, however, I think we’ll be seeing more from the supporting cast. That is what I’m more excited about.



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