Spy x Family | Episode five: The best episode by far.

Anyone who has seen episode five of Spy x Family can say without a shadow of a doubt that this episode was the best episode by far. Allow me to share my thoughts on it.

Okay, let’s be completely honest. Spy x Family has been the best anime to air this Spring 2022 season and it isn’t even close. I thought episode five had everything anyone would have ever wanted. We had epic action sequences, pretty cool fight scenes, comedic moments and above all else, amazing animation to follow suit.

Drunken Yor was absolutely adorable but also very deadly. Considering if it weren’t for a broken heel on her shoe I am certain that Yor would’ve inflicted quite the hefty injury to Loid. As per usual Anya was the life of the party, considering that this episode was about her passing the entry exam and Loid rewarding her for doing well. I think you can also argue that this episode was also Anya’s episode.

The more I look back at this anime and digest everything that has happened. The more I think that Anya is the one pushing everything behind the scenes, a lot of each episode surrounds Anya’s character. I mean, the missions of both Yor and Loid (which is to secure world peace) revolves around Anya’s success. If Anya fails then Loid fails his mission and the same thing could be said about Yor. Episode five made me realize that Anya is more important to the story overall than I originally thought.

Furthermore, why would Loid go through all the effort to stage this little adventure for Anya? I’ll be honest, he could have very well said no, which he did at first. But eventually he caved in and I don’t know why. I have a feeling that Loid is starting to become attached to Anya whether he wants to or not, which I guessed would happen because when your core mission is to ‘create a world where no children cry’, the last thing Loid wants is to see Anya cry. Which makes me think that Loid is doing all this because he wants to give Anya the most fulfilling life as possible, one he wasn’t able to experience when he was around her age.

As each episode progresses, this family that was haphazardly put together is starting to feel more like a real family and that’s something I’ve really enjoyed. In a way, I think I can see the line between mission and family become blurred as we reach the end of the anime. Which definitely sets the stage for something dramatic to take place in the later episodes. As Anya has been the ‘featured’ character of the anime, I can only assume that there will be something that happens to her that causes Loid and Yor to step into their respective occupations to save her. Only time will tell!