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Spy x Family | Episode Six and Seven: Anya, school = comedy.

Today’s blog post will be about episodes six and seven of Spy x Family. Allow me to tell you about it.

Episode six thoughts

Episode six of Spy x Family not only was a great episode but it also was an episode that set the stage for what is going to happen next. You can tell now, that the focus of Loid is the success of Anya in a school where she doesn’t fit into whatsoever.

In that regard, episode six was effectively a ‘setup’ episode as it introduced what the anime will be covering next, Anya trying her best to survive in the Eden Academy. It also did a great job at introducing all the new characters that would be coming into the fold. It seems like everyone who attends Eden Academy are very interesting people with very colourful backgrounds.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how good this whole Academy arc will be, I also assume it’ll be what takes the up the rest of the anime. As Loid’s mission relies on Anya doing well at the academy, we can expect him doing everything in his power to make sure Anya does well. However, the question for me is, will this arc be worth it? Unless the whole spy and assassin aspect of both Loid and Yor come into play constantly throughout the episodes, I’m not sure if Anya along is enough to pull this anime to the finish line.

Episode Seven thoughts

If we were to compare episode six to episode seven, then it is pretty much night and day. While Anya making amends with Damian Desmond was the primary focus of the anime. I loved all her interactions with Becky Blackbell who is going to turn out to be one of Anya’s close friends (everything indicates such). This friendship gives me Kana-chan and Saikawa (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) vibes and I love it.

There is potential for this friendship to be very genuine and heartfelt, which I hope happens because I adore those kinds of relationships. I also think that Anya’s relationship with Desmond is going to be one where it starts of rocky at first, but eventually, with time, it gets better and maybe the two will become friends.

What I enjoyed most about episode seven though was how much Anya loves her parents. As you’d expect she’s leaning on them a lot and admires both Loid and Yor. As you’d again expect because she’s a child without a family who had spent a lot of time in orphanages and was subject to a lot of horrific things (scientific experiments hence her ability to read minds). So seeing Anya finally having that opportunity to live that ‘normal’ life and experience ‘normal’ things has been something I’ve enjoyed.

As each episode has progressed, you can tell that this family which was thrown together haphazardly at the beginning of the anime is starting to feel more and more like a real family and is starting to act like one too. Especially with regards to both Loid’s and Yor reservations on the matter.

You can tell that they’re both starting to enjoy the family life, something that they’ve both lacked for the better part of their lives. While they both have surreal occupations, you can tell that the three of them just being together at home has been something they’ve all cherished and have appreciated. Episode seven is very much a “what if” episode and what I mean by that is, as previously mentioned, Loid and Yor’s reservations about a family life has started to show up more and more.

What episode seven made clear to me is that the two of them are starting to think about “what if” a family life was in the cards for them. “What if” this was something they’d want in the future. As you’d expect, Loid and Yor are unconsciously starting to become more family-orientated. While both Loid and Yor have their respective missions, their parental instincts are starting to creep in every so slightly as they both want what’s best for their ‘child’ Anya. I would love it if this family which was thrown together because of a mission became something that extended past just a mission and turned into something more genuine.

I assume that this will happen with time. The longer this mission goes on, the more invested all the characters will be. Loid’s mission seems to be a long term one, so there’s every chance of this happening.

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