Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season | A school trip arc that turned out quite well.

For as much as a bash Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season, I definitely think that the latter episodes have turned out better than expected and for sure have been entertaining.

This school trip arc is turning to be better than expected, in large part because it’s two episodes long. Arcs that take two or more episodes to complete, especially with regards to a high school romcom will almost always turn out to be worth watching. Which I think is the case here with episodes seven and eight.

This pair of episodes felt very genuine. I use that word a lot (which is somethin I’ve noticed). I think it best describes the general vibe that both episodes gave off. Every character wanted to be included, each one of them had their small time in the spotlight. Nothing felt forced, everyone who participated in the episode felt like they were having an all-around good time. That was something I liked in particular.

You could also feel like there is a smallest of shifts in the overall mood of our two main protagonists too. I think it’s now safe to assume that our Komi-san and Tadano-kun are slowly starting to develop feelings for one another. This school trip arc best represents this because they spent most of the trip together sightseeing, just the two of them. Not to mention, the little moment they shared on their walk home during episode seven, where Komi-san shared a dark moment in her life only to be consoled and reassured by Tadano-kun was very nice.

Seeing Komi-san slowly develop as a character has been one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had while watching anime. It’s definitely a slow and gradual build up, but it has definitely been worth it because you’ll have that ‘bond’ per say. It’s like watching a child grow up and mature before your eyes, a once very timid and shy Komi-san is slowly but surely starting to be able to express herself and use her voice. Which we don’t often get to hear.

Isn’t it crazy? Aoi Koga (Komi-san’s voice actress), plays one of this season’s most beloved and well liked characters. A character that doesn’t typical speak but makes noises to compensate. If only I was able to sit in on those recording sessions, I think that would’ve been interesting.

Anyway, these have been a great couple of episodes.