Spy x Family | Episode Eight: Enter Yor’s Brother.

Now things are starting to get real interesting, that being said, if I were to compare episode eight of Spy x Family to all the other ones. I think that episode eight was the worst one, let me tell you about it.

Do not get me wrong, episode eight was still a good episode, it just wasn’t one I enjoyed. For starters, I didn’t like how the episode ended. It felt very unfinished because it left off mid-scene, whether that was intended, who knows? But it certainly came off as incomplete and that wasn’t something I enjoyed.

Introducing Yuri Briar, an Yor’s brother who is part of a counter-intelligence agency, where their mission is to find and capture those (spies) working against the state. That in itself creates a very interesting situation and yes, I am going to disregard the massive sister complex he has because that’s the most uninteresting and unentertaining thing about him.

I assume, given the flashbacks to when Yuri and Yor were younger, Yuri doesn’t know Yor’s true occupation. It’s also safe to assume that for someone who is highly recognized within his skills in finding information on others and their possible connections. Yuri doesn’t yet know that Loid is actually ‘Twilight’ the person he seems to be after.

Now Loid has to contend with ensuring his mission is completed, while also having to watch his back because his wife’s younger brother is after him. You now have three individuals hiding their various occupations from each other while also trying to complete their respective assignments.

Yes, all that sounds interesting. However, when I think of Spy x Family, I think of action. For the most part, Spy x Family has held up to that end of the bargain. Yes, there were duller moments, but I think those were few and far in between. For the most part, we’ve seen more action, or for that matter, more things that were all around entertaining (to me).

At the end of the day, episode eight was an introductory episode and it did what it was supposed to do. It introduced a new character and the influence they’ll have on the anime as a whole. Yuri is Yor’s brother, someone who works in counter-intelligence and has it out for Twilight, who also so happens to be his sister’s husband. What happens next? Who knows.