Aharen-san wa Hakarenai | The Aharen Family.

See what I did there? The Aharen Family, similar to the Addam’s Family? Two totally different things and genres, but after watching episode nine of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai I couldn’t help but think that this title would work so well.

Anyway, I thought episode nine was very entertaining. I personally enjoyed the fact that when Raidou-kun is under the weather he turns into a Shoujo character, for some reason that was very funny to me and I loved it. I also enjoyed the reference to Kill Bill. When Raidou later ran into Aharen-san’s younger sister Eru. Who of course is taller and has a more developed figure. I never really understood why anime do that, I guess it’s so spice things up I guess. The older sibling shorter and is lacking the mature features while their younger sibling has all of the above.

That being said, something I did like about this episode was that all the Aharen siblings actually look like one another. Which is something you don’t actually see nowadays. You know what I mean, whenever we have siblings in anime, they normally do not look anything alike. They’ll have a different hair colour, eye colour etc. You do not normally see siblings that look alike. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai just so happens to be an exception to that.

What I also enjoyed about the episode was that it was a little gossipy in a way. I say this because you have Reina’s sibling speculating whether or not their older sister has feelings for Raidou-kun. That in itself was such a family thing to do. But hey, atleast now we know that Reina does have feelings for Raidou-kun given how she reacted to her little brother asking if they (Reina and Raidou) were dating. Or it could also be that she was flustered and embarrassed by the question and it all honesty, it could be a combination of the two.

Would I like to see a relationship come out of this? I don’t think I would because I believe that this friendship between Reina and Raidou has definitely been one I’ve enjoyed watching. I kind of want to keep it that way.



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