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Rikei | Episode Nine and Ten Review

Episode Nine Thoughts

Kanade’s dilemma is a very valid one. She’s scared of allowing people to see her true self and it’s because of this that she’s willing to live a life that she doesn’t want to live in order to be viewed as ‘normal’ by those around her. Kanade wants to fit the status quo.

Kanade’s internal struggles, in short, are a result of other people’s (or her own) expectations. All throughout her childhood because she was a girl, people expected her to act a certain way, and to like certain things. Anything that deviated from that was looked down upon. Then when she does offer a glimpse into what she really likes and is into, she’s scared that others will look at her differently.

Not to mention, when you’re constantly comparing your personal life what Yukimura and Himuro have going you cannot help but feel like you’re failing or that something hasn’t gone your way for whatever reason. For what it is worth, the first half of episode nine was 100% better than the second half of the episode.

Which didn’t really make sense to me. That’s what bothered me most about episode nine. You have something very heartfelt and sad at the beginning followed up by something the complete opposite.

Don’t get me wrong, watching Yukimura expose Himuro infront of everyone was pretty funny because it’s something you wouldn’t expect given the topic was about which outfit looked the best on Himuro, but at the same time its something you’d definitely expect for this pairing.

Episode Ten Thoughts

Then we have episode ten, which again, has another FESTIVAL. My goodness when will my nightmare end? Besides that, episode ten was a… interesting episode to say the least.

Kousuke’s reaction to see Yukimura cosplaying as a girl was hilarious, I laughed so hard at how hard he was trying to tell his brain that Yukimura was a guy and not to get excited but in the end succumbs to Yukimura’s beauty and appreciates it all in it’s glory.

Yukimura feeling blissful because he was being called cute was also funn, especially after how deep his voice was when rejecting it initially but then it got all feminine moments later. I also loved how reality later in the episode for Kousuke and Yukimura, that whole scene was definitely the highlight of the episode for me.

I’m so glad Yukimura spoke up against Kagurano, like he’s seriously his daughter’s biggest hater, like how can you put your own daughter like that? Questioning how she could have been born so stupid? That was messed up and it sucks that she heard that but I’m glad she also heard Yukimura standing up for her, he’s been such a great influence on her and she’s already thinking about going to his university which is really good.

The biggest negative of the episode for me was that it was a festival episode, but also because we seemingly ditched Kanade because she thinks being around her lab mates, especially Yukimura, as something very awkward and uncomfortable. I don’t understand why we build up a backstory for Kanade only to ditch it the next episode, I think that kills the flow to be honest but it is what it is.

Overall I’d say the latter episodes to Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Heart have been slightly disappointing. For some reason, I thought the latter episodes would turn out to be something a little better than what has been shown so far. But hey, we’ve got two episodes left and anything can happen.

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