Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season | Episode Nine Review

Who would have thought that we had to wait nine episodes for a time where Komi-san isn’t treated as some god but as an actual human for once. I’ll be honest, this was a pleasant surprise and something I enjoyed, let me tell you about it.

I give big props to Katou and Sasaki. At first they were like every other character, gushing over the goddess that was Komi-san, but eventually it all came down to getting to know the person behind this bestowed goddess-like aura and you know what? I’d say their mission was more than successful.

Tadano-kun isn’t the only character who is able to provide that feeling of normality for Komi-san, now Katou and Sasaki fall into that category as well. For once, we had an episode where Komi-san could act normal and freely without other characters following her.

Komi-san was able to act like a normal high schooler for once, she was able to genuinely enjoy a high school trip and make new friends in the process. With the help of Katou and Sasaki we saw our timid Komi-san experience new things and partake in high school speak, like discussing each other’s love life.

The gradual humanizing of Komi-san has been entertaining to watch. As this is something I’ve said multiple times, I still think it’s worth repeating. Seeing Komi-san slowly open up and be more comfortable around people. People who are not part of her close circle of friends has been oddly relaxing. Like at the start of the episode, I do not think that Komi-san then would’ve been able to hang out with Katou and Sasaki all by herself, let alone talk to them.

Furthermore, I thought that episode nine was entertaining enough to hold it’s own. Despite there being an abundance of characters to go around in Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season. It’s the one thing that the show doesn’t lack and it’s also one of its strengths as shown through the episodes. Every character does have their own personalities, hobbies and quirks.

I thought Sasaki’s yo-yo’ing gimmick was very fun to watch because it was definitely unexpected. Then you have the calculated and investigative person in Katou, who knew more about Sasaki than anyone will ever know. She was calm cool and collected like a professional shogi player, which so happens to be something she’s very good at.

All in all, episode nine was a good episode. It did well to hold its own without the usual cast being around Komi-san. I only wish that we had more episodes like this one to begin.