Spy x Family | Episode Nine Review

What struck me about this episode was that the two (Yor and Loid) supposedly have been ‘married’ for a year. Which in itself is a shocker to me (if it is true), but it also comes as no surprise because everything about Spy x Family suggests that it’s a long term anime, with a long term story. Whether or not this is true is unclear, but I would assume that this is the case.

As you’d expect, the longer you’re together the more invested you are in the person. While this family hasn’t amounted to anything just yet, and for sure, it doesn’t felt like it’s been a year. All that being said, there hasn’t been anything that would be cause for advancing whatever feelings that could be there. Nor has there been anything that has indicated that our two adult figures have slowly started to become more and more invested in this ‘family’. Until this episode.

For the first time ever, Loid mentioned how he was envious of Yor and Yuri. He was also suspicious that Yor had known that Yuri was an individual part of the Secret Police. So what do you do? You spy on Yor, but you hesitate and question your motives because deep down you know that Yor is innocent but you cannot take any risks.

What did we learn from this little adventure? That Loid is possibly staring to develop feelings for Yor, well, that’s what I think atleast. I mean why else would he (Loid) feel any sort of guilty for thinking that Yor knew about Yuri’s secret occupation or for spying on her just to make sure? If he was focused truly focused on the mission at hand, then he wouldn’t have felt guilty, but he did.

Then we have Yor, who I think has kind of lost the real reason why she’s in this pretend marriage to begin with. It seems as though she’s more focused on being a better wife and mother to Anya than anything else. Do not get me wrong, is that something I hate? No. Personally, I think wife Yor is very cute and is very likable.

I think it does beg the question, what happens once they become too invested in this pretend family that they lose sight of their respective missions? Rather, what happens when their own occupations force this pretend family into the firing line?

One thing I’d hate to have happen is this pretend family that I’ve come to really enjoy be put in harms way because of the missions of Yor and Loid. I think we all would hate that, but it would make for a great time.

Overall, I thought that episode nine was a decent episode because it felt normal. Which is something I do not think I would’ve ever said about an episode from Spy x Family. I do, however, want to see more action because that has been something that has been lacking as of late. But overall, the episode was decent enough to be entertaining.