Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic | Episode Ten Review

What did I just watch?! Two things, the first, episode ten of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic was interesting to say the least. Second, I did not sign up for ASMR that would turn out to be rather… stimulating.

If you want to talk about a wildcard of an episode, then look no further than episode ten. You can also say that one of these episodes is not like the other. While all the previous episodes have been about the possibility of confessing their feelings and such, episode ten was the outlier. Episode ten saw a return to form for Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic which was a welcomed change.

Let’s start off with whatever happened at the start of the episode. Where we see Iino being subject to some real questionable ASMR. If you want to talk about a scene that would make you feel very uncomfortable, then this was your scene. If you weren’t listening to this episode throughout headphones, without a doubt, people within your household or people around you would think that you’re watching something very inappropriate.

This segment was then followed up by Moeha Fujiwara gushing over her love for Shirogane-kun at the expense of Chika, who thinks that Shirogane-kun is one of the most untalented people the world has ever created. This segment was very entertaining because we’ve always known Shirogane-kun to be one of the most uncoordinated and untalented people of the anime. As shown by Chika’s continued efforts to fix everything that is wrong with him.

However, for this episode and this episode alone, Shirogane-kun was able to act like someone good at something besides academics. Which blew Chika’s mind because she’s always known him to be terrible at everything. Seeing her have a mental breakdown over this was honestly very funny. It was like a child who wasn’t allowed to get what she wanted so they decided to throw a fit. Let’s keep in mind too, the only reason why Chika was throwing a fit in the first place was because she was trying to deter her younger’s sisters for Shirogane-kun. By showing everything bad about him, maybe she would drop her feelings.

But alas, once the spotlight is on him, Shirogane-kun always shines.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I would like to briefly touch upon something I dislike about about the episode. It all felt a little random. Maybe that’s because the episodes prior to this one were all connected on the basis of confessing one’s feelings. While there was a little bit of this at the end of the episode with Ishigami-kun confessing to Koyasu Tsubame, it honestly felt like that was just thrown in there.

Like, how do we go from ASMR, to Moeha gushing over Shirogane-kun, to Ishigami confessing his feeling towards Tsubame? I personally don’t see a connection between any one of those three segments. But yeah, if the segments felt a little more connected to one another maybe I would have enjoyed the episode that little bit more.

Anyway, episode ten was still a good episode nonetheless, I’m looking forward to what the final two episodes have in store.



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