Spy x Family | Episode Ten: Dodgeball to the extreme.

Dodgeball taken to the extreme, only because the opponent who is supposedly a six year old has the build of someone who is in their teens. Episode ten Spy x Family was very entertaining, allow me to explain.

What I enjoyed most about this episode in particular was that they made this dodgeball tournament the most important thing known to child. I thought it was great that all the kids had convinced themselves that if they were to be MVP of this dodgeball game that they would receive a star when in reality that wasn’t the case.

What that did worked wonders for the episode as a whole because the kids are just building this event up to be the battle of gods and that was something I really enjoyed watching. We don’t get to see much of the preparation done by the others, but given that Anya came to Yor and asked her to train her. To then see just how hard and how extreme the training was for a dodgeball match even convinced me that this match was seriously important.

It’s crazy to think that this individual right here, Bill Watkins, is a child. But hey, it’s anime. I loved the fact that he towered over his classmates. I also loved how he used mathematical equations to determine the best angle of approach to eliminate the most people with a single throw but to also predict the movement of his fellow classmates. Too bad he was no match for Anya, who could simply read his mind, I think this is like the first time when Anya’s powers come in handy.

How the game ended was also very entertaining. You see Anya‘s build up, just when you expect her killer ball to be some next level finishing move, it bounces off the floor and right into Bill’s hands. Who simply tossed it back, hitting Anya causing her small body to fly back as if she was taken by a gust of wind. Personally, I thought how Anya was eliminated was the most fitting way for her. A undramatic moment made very dramatic by a character who specializes in the art of over exaggerations.

This academy which Anya finds herself is very interesting, because we have a ton of different characters, personalities and sizes. It makes me wonder what’s the purpose of this academy. In a way it kind of reminds me of the Shuchiin Academy from Love is War. Where children of the elite attend, but it cannot be just that. I’m sure there’s something else this school does or accomplishes, besides it being a mission for Loid and Yor. Hopefully this true purpose gets revealed sometime soon because I’d like to know.

Overall, episode ten was great because it took a game that everyone loved playing as a child (one of my favourite games during PE) and made it into a spectacle worth watching.



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