Aharen-san wa Hakarenai | Episode Eleven Review

I just love the chemistry between Raidou-kun and Aharen-san it flows so well and it’s very entertaining to watch.

What has been great throughout Aharen-san wa Hakarenai has been that its two characters have been individuals who may live small but dream and act big. For example, Raidou-kun always thinks that Aharen-san is always doing something way out of line, or something not fitting for her small figure. Like assuming that Aharen-san has become a robot. I don’t think Raidou-kun believes that there isn’t anything Aharen-san cannot be and you know what? I think I’m in the same boat.

Aharen-san has always been someone who constantly defied the limitations presented by her stature. This episode, like many others, is an example of her going big. Not only did she make a giant snowman cafe, but was also (with the help of Raidou) turn her fallen snowman, into what was effectively a Godzilla cafe. Which was something I enjoyed.

However, one thing I don’t really get the drama there for Ooshiro-san. Aharen-san’s resident stalker. She has been all too involved in the story to begin with and then all of a sudden, the stalker is no longer stalking. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like the fact that the person she follows around all the time has developed feelings for Raidou-kun but even then, I don’t understand why you need to get all dramatic about it.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, that one thing has been an issue for me. I don’t understand why with only one episode to go, why’d you suddenly throw a curveball. Like why? What’s the need? If you were thinking about adding a little bit of spice, why not add in somewhere in the middle and not at the very end of the anime? I can only assume that whatever is up with Ooshiro-san is resolved in the final episode.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how the anime finishes.



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