Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san | Episode Nine: Girl’s day out.

I’ll be honest, episode nine of Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san was an episode I enjoyed quite a bit and that’s because it wasn’t all about Izumi-kun and Shikimori-san for once.

The first half was fairly entertaining because it was about Shikimori-san being jealous of Inuzuka and seeing him as a rival. Only to then later find out that the reason why Shikimori-san sees him like that is because Inuzuka reminds Shikimori-san of her older brother. Which in itself was kind of weird, but hey, it is what it is. I guess you can say Inuzuka is guilty by association because Shikimori-san’s possessiveness over Izumi and her own desire to get closer to her older brother has merged together to bring about conflicting feelings towards Inuzuka.

Furthermore, It was nice to see Kamiya getting along with Shikimori-san and Nekozaki, it seemed like Kamiya has been wanting this for so long, that feeling of being properly involved with people who want to be around her. Kamiya was placed on a pedestal because of how athletic she was that it made her feel isolated and attracted all this unnecessary attention. Which is something I think we can all understand. What matters in the end that during this girl’s day out, they were all about to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Kamiya is that one character who I wish would have been developed a lot more or should have played a more prominent role in the anime. She seemed like a very interesting character who could have had a very interesting background and story to tell. It’s a shame really that we only saw her feature in two episodes, Kamiya should have been given more screen time than that. If anything I found Kamiya to be way more interesting than either Shikimori-san or Izumi-kun and I think that’s say something.

Overall, for a change, episode nine was probably one of the better episodes of the series. Half of me wishes that the anime as a whole was like this episode.