Spy x Family | Episode Eleven: Anya’s World.

I think it’s safe to say that Spy x Family requires the success of Anya. Much of episode eleven took place in Anya’s world and what she thinks will bring about world peace.

Honestly, this episode was really fun to watch. Anya as a character has been someone I’ve really loved watching. This kid resonates with the child within me, I don’t know how or why, but it does and I’m having a lot of fun. I especially loved how in all these scenarios that Anya plays in her head, they all surround world peace. However, it’s Anya’s version of world peace and each scenario is voiced by her. Not only is she voicing what she would do in these scenarios, but is also voicing how everyone else would react and say in these scenarios. All of which we extremely entertaining to watch.

My favourite it part though happened at the beginning of the episode, when we see Loid looking over Anya’s terrible academic skills while Anya stayed focused on her TV show. There was something about that scene that I loved so very much. Anya’s face while focused was funny, because you could tell that she was indeed focused on her show but also scared of what could possibly happen as a result of her failing her tests. We also cannot forget of everything else that had happened, like Anya being a disturbance in the hospital, and bragging about obtaining a stella.

There simply was a lot of things to love about this episode.

I am convinced that as time goes on, this anime feels less like a mission that is being carried out by two individuals (Loid and Yor) and has become an anime where they take care of their child. In some way the spy expect of the show, has been lost. I mean, we all know that Yor and Loid are ‘married’ to each other for the sake of their respective missions but we don’t see much of that anymore.

I cannot remember the last bad guy Yor encounter due to her ongoing mission and the same can be said about Loid. It’s almost like this side of the story has taken a backseat in order to built up Anya and everything that surrounds her. I cannot complain, as I love Anya, but there is a part of me that wishes that we should have seen more action both from Loid and Yor.

Anyway, episode nine was a great episode nonetheless.