Spy x Family | Episode Twelve: The best episode.

So it isn’t everyday that I write a final episode review. It’s just one of those things that with time, I’ve slowly phased out because what’s the point? But I just had to give my thoughts on episode twelve of Spy x Family because let’s be honest, it was a great episode.

Episode twelve was a very charming episode. It was one of those feel good, family moments that you cannot forget. I especially loved the day at the aquarium.

Although, I did have a few issues with the episode in the wider sense that we do not get the opportunity to see the various missions that both Loid and Yor are tasked with. This is something that is mentioned at various times during the episode. Like while washing the dishes, Yor smells blood of the individual she killed the night before on her hands. Then you have Loid who is constantly talking about doing all these extra missions.

I like many others would have liked it if we could have seen these missions that both Loid and Yor have gone on. Without a doubt it would’ve benefited the anime as a whole. It also would have provided that needed separation/break from the bigger mission at hand, operation strix. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, this was the one episode where this family (created for operation strix). Where it felt like a family. Do not get me wrong, there have been plenty of scenes where, Anya, Loid and Yor had a ‘family’ moment. But the one that took place during episode twelve was the best one.

For the whole day, Yor and Loid (despite their different objectives) did what Anya wanted to do and as you know, whenever wants to do something it’s bound to be one of the more entertaining scenes of the episode. Which proves to be the case with episode twelve. Enter, her new plushie, Agent Penguin. The way she smiled once Loid gifted the plushie to her was simply the best and how Anya integrated the plushie into her little spy world was adorable. It takes you back to a time in your life where you did the same too.

A time where you used to imagine that your plushie or toy was real. Where you’d let your imagination run wild. As someone who owns a ton of plushies and imagined that my lego figures had their own world. This was a moment that I absolutely loved because it was something that I could relate to on a personal level.

To see Anya’s fantasy world play out, where both Yor and Loid had to play along as well was a very sweet family moment. From a pure entertainment standpoint, this scene was like no other and provided me with an unbelievable of joy and satisfaction. While it’s a shame that Bond (the dog, which we saw a hint of) didn’t get introduced, how the anime ended (on a high note) was something that I liked.

I cannot wait for the second part of Spy x Family.

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