Ansatsu Kizoku | Episodes Two and Three: Overpowered?

I’ll be honest, I like the old Lugh, prior to him being reborn as a child. It just sounded so good and hardcore, so that’ll be something that I will miss. Besides though though, I thought that episodes two and three of Ansatsu Kizoku were great episodes when we’re talking about character development.

In Lugh previous life, I thought he was OP. But now in his new life, he’s even more overpowered because not only does he have the knowledge of his previous life, but he also gaining new knowledge in his new life surrounding magic and things of that sort. Episodes two and three reminded me of No Game No Life. This is because Sora and Shiro bring along the lessons learnt from their previous life into this new world where they’ll be able to use that knowledge but also gain new skills.

I think a comparison can also be made to SAO because Kirito is just gaining all these different skills and abilities from every game he plays. I think that Lugh will ultimately turn out to be one of those overpowered anime characters based off raw ability and experience.

While everyone loves a good OP character, I think that could potentially be its downfall because there are times when characters become a little too OP. Which could certainly be the case here. Lugh possesses the knowledge and experience in his previously life, he also already understands how this new world he finds himself in works. Lugh also made sure to give himself abilities that would help become more and more powerful with time.

When you have all the ingredients to make a very overpowered character, you run the risk of it being one of those cases where the overpowered character will come in and save everyone. Similar to how Kirito is now in the SAO world. You know for a fact that he’ll come in and save everyone, using new abilities that he has learned along the way.

But anyway, I thought both episodes were great because it’s providing Lugh with something he didn’t have in his previous life, a family. You can tell that he’s really soaking in this experience. You can also tell that he’s very much appreciative of them, because they’re both supportive and very caring of him. He mentions his countless times throughout both episodes when he’s ‘training’ with Dia. Who I assume will be playing a larger role as the anime goes on, I don’t see why this won’t be the case.

Episodes two and three are episodes where I can draw many comparisons to, as previously mentioned. For sure, this world he finds himself in seems interesting and I’m looking forward to the missions that Lugh will go on. I think those will be great fun.